The Alterans - Build, pvp, rpg, survival server

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    1. Rand_Al_Thorn

      Jun 16, 2014
      Hello, When our last server we played on went offline we decided to make our own home. We welcome all that would like to join our server and community. Builders especially welcome.

      TS3: info on message of day on server
      We Offer:
      60,000,000 starting credits, A Starter ship with light supplies and the need for rail enhancers is turned off. Server features Larger planets, large asteroid mining bonus, WIP Buildzone, RP PVP pirates No whitelisting only IP/USER/Account BAN! ALL RULES SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

      1. No profanity or foul language (there are young children that play as well)
      2. NO RAMMING other ships on the server, spawn is a protected zone, no bases in 2,2,2
      3. NO planet destruction UNLESS the System the planet is in is owned by your faction, or you receive permission from the system's official owner. No planet Lag harvesters either. Mining level on asteroids has been bumped up to make them more profitable then planets.
      4. Factions can create rules that you must follow whilst in their system, provided they can enforce them. Whatever sanctions entail you breaking those rules is completely up to them.
      5. NO BEGGING admins for credits, blocks, or teleports. Teleports will only be done by an admin when you specify a valid reason to do so (i.e. trapped near a black hole etc.)
      6. have fun
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      Jun 16, 2014
      moved to new host so take note of new ip