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    Switch equipment on ship

    Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Fallencido, Apr 3, 2014.

    1. Fallencido

      Jan 25, 2014
      I dont know if someone already had this idea.
      It would be cool if we could change equipment on a docked ship through a blockpannel that is conected to the dock module,
      instead of having blocks like (antimatter, missiles...etc) it would be a block that can switch to those weapons
      for example:
      a fighter that has this block modules as antimatter cannons could dock on a ship and the player would have to use the pannel to switch all those antimatter cannons in missiles to make the fighter turn in a bomber

      good points
      1-switch ship equipment without have to rebuild all weapons
      2-plexstorages could have one more function on great ships ( buying a antimatter cannon on a shop and putting on a plexstorage conected to the pannel that will switch the equipment of the docked ship ) "could"
      3-it would let the gameplay experience become more realistic as u can dock a ship and switch its weapon and systems through the hangar

      bad points
      1- probably a block that turn in to all kinds of weapons would cause low fps in a bigger ship thats why is only recommended for fighters or other small ship classes (or maybe not)
      and lot of other things that is related with programing that i dont understand :( but i think it's a good idea

      to the shop systems dont be affected by this new block, the weapon blocks would continue being there making this system an option to players switch fighters or small ships's equipments on their bigger ships for example.

      ps: sorry for bad english.
    2. refirendum

      Aug 31, 2013
      i support the idea of modular ship part switching.

      my idea of it is have \"module\" docks. like ship docks, but instead of acting like a separate ship, it acts like part of the ship. shares shields and power and control with the main ship and all other modules unlike just a ship dock or turret dock that only draws power from the main ship and is shielded independently. modules would also require that the maximum chain for docking would need to be extended to 4 instead of 3.

      this way a ship can have a module such as a hangar that\'s swappable for a power generation unit, or more weapons or a turret platform or residential blocks.
    3. Fallencido

      Jan 25, 2014
      modules like a ship core full off energy gens docked on a ship working as a battery for it ?