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    [Suggestion] Food System

    Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Teddy_Ben, Mar 15, 2015.


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    1. Teddy_Ben

      Aug 2, 2013
      All of this topic may be preceded by : to my mind.

      Salutation and brief presentation.

      Hello everybody,
      I'm Teddy_Ben, from France.

      I play on Starmade since July 2013, so I'm here as an "old "player of the game.

      Feature suggestion

      I'm here to discuss with you about something which I love in video game, food gestion.

      Starmade, like other sandbox, offers a lot and a lot of possibility, only in a game mode named "survival ".

      In reality, survival only means block farming and little life management.
      Like a great survival game, I think starmade have to had a food system to be called a survival game.

      Adding a food system also means adding agriculture, animal husbandry and a lot and a lot of new food items.

      Where does the food level will be indicate?

      I think Starmade developers can add a food indication, like for the life, over the life indication.

      How can we manage our food bar?

      You can fill your bar with food, as well!

      And where can I find food?

      First of all, a few amounts of food will be given to the player when he spawns (like all of the other basic stuff).
      The saturation of it must be low, between 15% to 30% of the bar.

      You can buy food at the npc, for credit (250c base price ?)
      Take care, he can only store 25 cans



      But you can produce food in field.

      Really simply!

      Take some grass planet dirt.
      Put them into a basic factory.
      And then, make fertilized dirt!

      On it, you will be able to place some seed.
      After a few moment, maybe 5-10 minutes, your crops will be ready for harvest.

      What kind of seed?

      All you want!
      Wheat, rice, potato, carrot, oat, radish, beet, all what you want!

      In what order does this may be implemented?

      First of all, food bar and food can.
      Then, agriculture, with only one type of seed.
      After, waiting for the development of the creature system.
      Add new crops
      Then adding breeding.

      My ideas of all the blocks and their craft.

      - Fertilized dirt
      You can place seeds on it!
      Materials: 10 grass planet dirt.

      - xxx seed
      A kind of crops.
      Materials: xxx of xxx kind of plants.

      - Food can
      Basic food.
      Materials: xxx of xxx kind of seed.

      Thanks and bye.

      Thank you for your reading, sorry for my mistakes,

      P.S. : If a similar thread exists, i'm sorry!
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    2. jstenholt

      Jul 29, 2013
      Don't apologize just in case another thread like this exists: they do. You could easily have searched for them.

      Overall I agree, however. Adding food would bring another level to Sm survival.
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    3. jayman38

      jayman38 Precentor-Primus, pro-tempore

      Jul 13, 2014
      Just like with everything else, if implemented, I think planted food should be separated by color to minimize block ID usage. I also recommend replacing "real" food names with made-up stuff, like ores and crystals. (Nachtroma sandwich, anyone? Anybody up for Luttari Berries?)
      1. Black: Er, beans. Maybe grapes or berries
      2. Blue: Berries
      3. Brown: Potatoes
      4. Green: Lots of options.
      5. Orange: Oranges, naturally
      6. Purple: Grapes
      7. White: Rice
      8. Yellow: Bananas

      Skip seeds to save on BlockIDs. Force the player to plant the whole food to grow more. (This means that a single plant needs to produce either multiple food items per plant, or at least one food for at least one growing season.)

      This may be best as a mod, but it just seems like such a core mechanic for the primary game mode.
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