[Suggestion] Additional Weapon feature

    Mar 30, 2014
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    Sry it is already early in the morning, i'm gonna write about this thing more detailed later this day ;)

    As long as players are aiming directly at an enemy ship, the laser-shots will bundle to that point, if you loose the target, lasers will fire strait and do much more superficial damage. So thats why i think it would be of interest to be able to configure weapons so that you can change the aiming-type for each weapon or for all weapons. When your ship is moving, it is impossible to hit the target in bundled shots unless the enemy is flying linear in front or behind you.

    Being able to switch aim-type may then also increase the possibilities of strategies. Do i want to make deep damage or area-damage? The enemy has still shields and ist quick, scattered laser shots are more efficient.
    The enemy is flying directly next to me and has shields down, i want to focus fire on his core-area, but it does scatter the fire.

    Those are only some of many different strategies.

    thank you for your attention


    Jan 19, 2014
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    You can, just right click your AMC's instead of left click and they will fire strait no matter what.