Storage Counting

    Oct 24, 2017
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    A while back I made an automated factory, which worked by pulling each block into a storage container specific to that block, checking how full it was with a sensor block, and then either turning on a factory set to make that block or placing its contents back into the primary storage container if it was the quota. In this way, it could, in theory, detect and craft anything you needed automatically.

    It only mostly worked. One of the major problems I ran into was that different servers had different storage capacities, making it difficult to set a quota based on how full a storage container was. This led to it over producing in servers with crazy high storage capacity.

    I was curious if anyone could think of a better way to setup logic to count blocks, something that would be more server-setting-proofed than using sensors.
    Jun 20, 2013
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    You can set factory limits on production in the factory itself
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