Station update

    Apr 12, 2018
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    So I figured that with all these updates and these stations that aren't even relevant, much less update, the station set could use an update. So I took a few hours, removed old power/shield systems, replaced it with new ones, and modified turrets to be dual-axis compatible. Unfortunately, the pirate stations are built with excessive amounts of interior space and I could not do too much to increase the strength of stations. I did no modifications to the original stations in respect to the builders aside from the occasional build block, and setting turrets up to work properly. Which also means the pirate stations don't have very strong turrets either, since I did not want to modify them further.

    To use these, simply unzip the file, open it and copy the "blueprints-station" folder into your game directory and replace the existing one with that. It won't update any explored stations but new worlds, or newly explored stations will be updated.


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