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    Bug starmade parser configuration exception: duplicate block id 598

    Discussion in 'Game Support' started by Raffia16th, Feb 20, 2017.

    1. Raffia16th

      Jul 12, 2016
      Just as stated int he title im having an issue with Block ID duplicates in the very latest starmade update which is 0.199.435

      ive searched everywhere but found nothing. i tried the report a bg from launcher and that site seems to not exist anymore.

      here is what i tried to do to try and fix it myself.
      1) i deleted the block config file and told the launcher to repair my game (no luck just got another broken block config.)
      2) i tried deleting the whole game and reinstall fully (also nothing changed still broken)
      3)Tried manually changing the offending block ids (still gave me the same error)

      i added an screenshot of what starmade gives me as an error and the file in TXT form since this place wont take XML files.

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    2. Batavium

      Jan 28, 2015
      Make a backup of your BlockConfig.xml

      Remove this part from the start of the BlockConfig.xml:

      <Block icon="530" name="Grey Hull" textureId="567, 567, 567, 567, 567, 567" type="Grey_Hull">
      <Description>undefined description</Description>
    3. Raffia16th

      Jul 12, 2016
      thanks for the help guys! hopefully it works