Jan 21, 2018
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    Perhaps you have saw some of the mods in community content, and where wondering what they are.
    Well, they are mods for a WIP modding API and mod loader, StarLoader.

    What kind of mods can be made with StarLoader?
    • Technically, anything, there is basic functionality to inject code, replace classes, etc. But StarMade is a huge game, and many of the internal systems are very complicated.
    • As such, we have made many systems to aid in modding.

    What does StarLoader do?
    • Automatically updates mods from Community Content
    • In-game menu to download mods
    • In-game menu to download blueprints
    • Handles events and resource loading from mods
    • Handles distributing mods from server -> client
    • Fixes a vanilla issue where loading a blueprint in different contexts will break it, this was a non-issue before, but with many mods adding blocks it needed to be fixed.
    • Handles mapping namespaced keys to integer id's per-world, similar to how ForgeModLoader does.
    • Config files

    How do I install it?
    1. The StarLoader installer is provided with the latest dev build (and one day maybe release)
    2. Launch the dev build, click "Tools & Mods" on the title screen.
    3. Click "Enable Modded", and start your game back up.
    4. Click Mods > Browse on the title screen to check out some mods.

    How do I make a mod?

    How can I contribute to StarLoader?
    • The best thing you can do is to make mods, eventually, you will find yourself wanting a feature or hook that does not exist yet, then you can add it to the mod loader.

    • I thought I would make this thread to let anyone who isn't on the discord that, although the universe update may be a long, long time from now, that some community members are still working on it.
    • Thanks to TheDerpGamer, Ithirahad, IR0NSIGHT, lupoCani, and many others that have contributed in some way.
    • (join the discord: Join the StarLoader Community Server Discord Server!

    Jan 28, 2017
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    I just wanted to add that you can make cool mods with very limited coding knowledge. I never worked in Java before and my coding experience is limited to a year of on and off coding for fun with no deeper understanding whats going on.
    Jake and the others are very helpful with debugging and helping the mod to come to life.

    Even though starmades code is not very well documented, most important features are deciphered and basically you can do anything you want. The eventsystem for most important events like Ships jumping, shooting or overheating alone allows to very easily create your own big-impact game mechanics as i have demonstrated with my WarpSpace, Anchorstation and Derelict loot mods.

    So come join our discord and get started right away!
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