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    Discussion in 'Features' started by mandrac, Oct 1, 2012.

    1. mandrac

      Sep 25, 2012
      maybe it would be nice to implement stargates
      i'm not talking sg1 stuff but about REAL stargate
      like this;
      the idea is to add a special building block for building stargate wich you link to the destination when you spawn it like you set a name of your core when you spawn it
      then there would be portal blocks which teleporte the ship on contact
      more portal blocks = bigger stargate = need more energy so you need to add enought generator block for make it work
      it could be a good challenge for you schema to make this work without crashing everything when you jump a large ship with docked fighter in it :D
    2. mandrac

      Sep 25, 2012
      why does nobody care about what i say?
    3. socramazibi

      Sep 30, 2012
      There is a post that talks about something, my groin is not very good, is google.

      a greeting
    4. Kbuilder

      Jul 1, 2013
      This is actually a pretty good idea that is not really op at all. I like how it can actually limit it\'s size with a natural feeling limit. If schema could add two or three kinds of blocks (portal computer and portal rim and maybe portal block) where there is a computer used to link portals (possibly faction protected as well ie. only portal from same faction stations can connect) and the portal rim is made with a few very simple constraints like docking bays to determine the max size of ship that can go through.

      Another idea is just a warp launcher. Basically a docking station that can warp a ship to another docking station of the same size or larger with the same faction protection as the last idea. They would require more energy the more mass the ship has plus (or multiplied by) the distance to the other warp launcher. The energy constraint would make it so that players would have to make either specialized stations or warp launcher networks to travel efficiently. Make it so that they can only be built on non moving things and you got effective non op travel.
    5. Kenoix

      Feb 2, 2014
      Its a great idea, in theory. But the game has to be made pretty stable to have people teleporting all over space. think of a server with 100 people teleporting at once because lets be honest, stargates or warp will be the best to mount an assault on another factions base.

      However, I too would LOVE to see a stargate or warp drive in ships, once the game is able to handle this. if a gate, same principle as a docking station, having a gate core (the main item for the gate-like a ship core) then enhancers to increase the size of it. but also it would need a sizable amount of power, so making these with space stations is only viable(and the only reason id see a reason for these-faster base to base travel)

      mandrac, love the idea! and I agree with Kbuiler that the more mass, the more power(id multiply the mass by distance for travel energy to make it less OP). I believe people would have armies rush through so fast, cause of the low energy cost. instead of having it wait to recharge to send another ship(i dont think a time limit being set is a good idea though)

      faster intergalactic travel +1 :D
    6. Nauvran

      Nauvran Cake Build Server Official Button Presser

      Jun 30, 2013
      This is a stargate

      The others are ACCELETATION GATES from EVE

      There is a diffrence.

      Stargates are like wormholes, while accelration gates accelerate your ship.

      But yes its a good idea.
      One might need to build two gates and link them before they are usable?
      otherwise it is a bit overpowered if you are going to war against someone.
      Also a bootup time for the gate would be a good idea

      And sorry for being a bit nerdy and correcting you
    7. Sergeant Base

      Sep 20, 2013
      Yeah...and THOSE are the REAL stargates :P
    8. Captain Fortius

      Aug 10, 2013
      For reals.

      Every night I look up at the sky, see a dozen of them floating over my house and say; yup, those are real.

    9. Commodore

      Aug 30, 2013
      I really like this idea, however it needs a few other things:

      Size: Either a standard gate size, which would probably allow a small ship through, or a system where only gates of the exact same size and design can be used together. Otherwise you\'d have a dreadnought going in the big gate at one end, and coming out of a player sized gate. (these gates would be essentially a ring of blocks, or a square)

      Location setting: Gates that only go to one place are boring, a whole network would be much more interesting, this would lead to a limit of one gate per sector, so you punch in coords, similar to setting a waypoint, and jump in (if in a ship, you might have to get out and activate it, or docking beam on gate block = bring up coord screen.) This also means you need to know where you are going.

      Server cfg: This would be an option in the server settings, possibly disabled by default, which would allow admins to further customise their server.
    10. NeonSturm

      NeonSturm StormMaker

      Dec 31, 2013
      Why is this in features, not suggestions?

      I like \"Accelleration Gate\"s and StarGates both.

      Accelleration gates would not be too op if they have cooldown (power storage), only limited range, destination-direction is along the axis it\'s build for and only smaller craft can fly through them.

      Gate settings (if not a single destination like a StarGate):

      • Min/Max allowed range for public, Xth grade faction members. Which grade\'s permissions are used for public and ally?
      • Min/Max allowed weight for public, 4th grade member, 3rd grade member, ...
      • Allowed ship abilities: power/weight limit (cloak/stealth), thrust/weight limit, ... where min alowed weight is limiting the possibility of adjustments if inventory is counted/limited or shipyards required or peoples agree on RP.
      • Allowed inaccuracy (in meters) at the destination(s) with min/max weight per destination.

      User choice:

      1. Sees multiple choices (like radar-diamonts) and can select one.

        • Choices which are not available for your weight class and diplomacy status are grey.
      2. Now he sees the inaccuracy.

        OR User can choose inaccuracies in m and %
      3. Choices which are beyond m limit are red on bottom, choices which are beyond % limit are red on right side.


      • your destination is either 0 to infinite or outside the gate\'s destination you want to travel to.
      • Your weight is sufficiently low/high for the destination (and your accuracy) and your rank.

      + It would allow the system owner to disallow - even allied - titans in his territory.

      + It would not set a hard limit on ship size, but featuring certain sizes (depending on gate size and distance multipliers)

      + It would encurage stations
    11. SgtFlexxx

      Feb 14, 2014
      I like the concept, and me and some friends were talking about being able to warp around, and this would be a really nice suggestion. But as some people have mentioned, if they did get to this, it would definetly cause some performance issues. IMO, it should basically have a timer connected to the warp system that only allows you to do so often, but giant ass frigates should still be able to pass through.

      All in all though, the larger the ship you have, the more cooldown you will need before you can warp again, smaller ships can do so often though and at their will of any time if they so choose.
    12. NeonSturm

      NeonSturm StormMaker

      Dec 31, 2013
      thx, but when do peoples realize that even is called accelleration gate and behaves like an accelleration gate, but things fly through hyperspace while being accellerted?

      Accelleration_GATE does: \"/change_sector playership x y z\" IF possible.

      Just the animation of boundary boxes while nothing else is rendered (like in sun sectors) show you an accelleration sequence.