Star Made SG (30 slots 150speed PVP)

    Mar 29, 2014
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    Star Made SG is an adult owned and administrated server. We invite you to come play But, we expect you to act like an adult.

    Trolls will be banned
    Exploiters will be banned
    Dropping F Bombs in public chat you will be temp banned \perm banned

    Yeah I tossed the negative out first let's get it out in the open. We are adults that like to play this game our kids play this game and we want to enjoy it. Now on to the good stuff

    30 slots for now will increase as needed
    ship speed 150
    player death 10% credit loss dropped in sector
    player death no block drop
    5,000,000 starting cash
    protected faction home
    10 ship upload limit
    pirates on -custom pirates coming soon I want to test them some more
    ships are on credit purchase
    Team speak 3 server
    server location TX USA

    no ships over 30k blocks docked to planet
    turrets on protected home bases set to enemy only
    Unlimited factories will be deleted along with station or planet (there is no need $$ is easy in this game)
    stop using recipes at level 26 (until we can confirm the bug has been fixed)

    Jun 20, 2013
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    im looking for a server where the speed is like 300 should that exist?