Screenshot/Project Sections Rules


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    Apr 23, 2013
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    This section is meant for screenshots only, post projects without visual content in the Projects or General section.

    - Keep preview images inside the page.

    Try to resize a version of your pictures if you display them directly in your topic/comment, 500 pixel wide images make for the best fit, link to the full resolution image through the picture or a separate link.

    - Do not post unowned content without permission.

    Please refrain from putting up content without the knowledge or permission of its respective owner, unless the owner in question has given you permission or generally has no problem with his/her content being displayed.

    - Add neccesary information.

    If you do wish to display content other than your own, do make sure to clearly credit the orginal creator.

    Also, if you used a tool such as SMEdit or Binvox in the creation of your content, please clearly state so.