Rotate fluids to replace them with other fluids via logic (water shields, hot/cold lava)


    Dec 31, 2013
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    Title: Rotate fluids to replace them with other fluids via logic (water shields, hot/cold lava).

    You have 5x5 block of water used for it's ästhetics instead of plex-doors or a force-field.
    Perhaps players can already go through them, or they are still counted like hull blocks, not allowing passage.

    But it would be neat if area sensors can "hide" them like plex-doors via activation/deactivation when they need to open/close.

    Hidden can even have the same appearance, so that they are hidden/open and look the same (only behave different) - or open is just slightly more transparent than closed.

    Perhaps you want to replace cold lava (does not hurt) with hot lava (does hurt) in your reactor room.
    For appearance and realism through player-damage.

    Perhaps you want to replace cold-heatsinks with hot-heatsinks (use hot and cold lava) linked to your weapons.
    The weapon can only fire when there is a cold heatsink available (each has a logic-cooldown clock).

    Yes, I know it's mostly RP, but it could become an inofficial logic-made mechanic for those servers that want it, when desired.​

    All these things are already possible and implemented - for blocks compatible with each other.

    And to support everything at once officially, I suggest that all blocks marked as "fluid state" can be exchanged with another "fluid state" block by rotating them like we do with rails.

    The only difference would be, that they would be "taken out of" / "put into" a storage connected to the rotator-controller.

    If any block gets damaged, it would just be replaced with a "drained fluid" block which let's damage pass but sustains the logic connection, eventually being replaced with another fluid block on next logic update.

    Some players would use it to shield an entity with water or force fields or other things marked as fluids.

    That is why you need to take them out of storage.​

    And because of that (and lag) it would be good to implement a delay of change, depending on the defensive value of the control-group vs the size of the controller of that group (it has enhancers like weapon computers)

    The game could remove everything like hiding plex doors, calculate stuff in the background and after this delay, shared for that control-group, make it appear at once.
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