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    Reintroduce Scanner Functionality

    Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by IKindaCrashAlot, Aug 26, 2019.

    1. IKindaCrashAlot

      IKindaCrashAlot Part of the Most Nefarious Faction in Starmade

      Aug 1, 2014
      Scanner functionality being phased out in the power update disappointed many of us. Before, scanners were very useful in finding system info and scanning for other players. Reintroducing scanner functionality would get rid of a lot of confusion in the game such as mining bonuses. Maybe also have an upgraded scanner that can detect ships under 10,000 mass but at the cost of a lot of reactor points. As of currently there is no real purpose for the short range scanner, and the scanner menu is empty after a scan.
    2. StormWing0

      StormWing0 Leads the Storm

      Jun 26, 2015
      Speaking of is said code for it still floating around to try or does it not work even if we used it? Also yes it needs to come back.