Reactor HP Question

    Dr. Whammy

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    Jul 22, 2014
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    Hey guys,

    A while back, I mentioned that I was working on a StarMade Mod.

    So far, it's been going pretty well but one key feature I'd like to add is a functional equivalent to the old "System HP" system from the mid-power-1.0 days

    The purpose of this being to make ships simpler (though not necessarily easier) to destroy. Under the current Power 2.0 settings, you can vaporize the front 3/4 of a ship and it will either keep on fighting (which is fine if you don't mind vaporizing the remaining 1/4) or it will fly away, which (in the case of NPCs) ultimately results in server clutter if you don't chase it down.

    My original plan was to dig into the game's config files and change the reactor HP values for non-reactor blocks. This would (theoretically) cause ALL of a ship's blocks to contribute to its HP pool; causing it to overheat when enough blocks of ANY kind are destroyed, with reactor hits accellerating the process.

    The game accepted the XML changes and didn't crash or break the universe. However, ships and structures register no change in ractor HP.

    Has anyone else attempted to force reactor HP on non-ractor blocks and succeeded?

    Thanks in advance.

    - The Whammy


    Eldrich Timelord
    Jan 16, 2014
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    I seem to remember I tried it before, same results as you. The RHP just seems to "not" do anything from XML changes.

    Seems to be a code issue you'd need to delve deep into modder discord and need source java changes to implement.

    Edit, if you do end up finding the necessary bits to nip and tuck, consider allowing signed variables in the calculation. Unsigned might be simper, but signed should allow much more balance options with system types.