Radio blocks

    May 25, 2017
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    I call radio two different block:

    radio receiver block
    radio transmitter block

    Transmitter block:
    A block, when you right click on it show a window with nothing in.
    you can write a frequency on it, only with number.
    Once the freq is set. You can power it with button or what you want.
    When the block receive power, he will sent (on the current sector) the given frequency.
    It's here the radio receiver block enter in action.

    Receiver block :
    When powered, he enter to ON mode and can receive given frequency.
    Same as the transmitter, you can open it to enter the frequency you want to detect. Once wanted frequency detected, the block emit a signal who can power other logic things.

    Why Radio block?
    - More versatile than wifi block
    - Can do interesting thing (like deploy all you're drone wing at the same time (like saying an order during fleet flight), you dont need to reconnect the block every time you spawn a drone and want to link it to youre bigger ship)
    -Maybe some hacking fonction/module to discover what is the enemy frequency , so you can activate enemy logic. Using is own frequency Must be fun to do if someone have lot of logic in.

    What do you thinks ? ^-^
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    Aug 16, 2013
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    I was more thinking about voice chat, emergency signal, alert signal when you enter an enemy territory, things like that more than logic related.
    But not having to link every radio block looks indeed nice for every ship you build repeatedly.
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    May 18, 2015
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    I like the basic idea, but not necessarily the introduction of new radio blocks.

    The idea of setting a frequency for wireless blocks has been suggested before. Would this be sufficient? The on/off state can be handled with an and-gate, but the part that I think might not work is activating all blocks with the same frequency. I assume wireless blocks are limited to a 1 to 1 connection for a reason. Anyway here is the suggestion from 2016:

    I wouldn't mind "Wireless Logic Module" being renamed to "RF Module", though :)
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