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    [QOL] Entity docking

    Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Tobie, Apr 28, 2015.

    1. Tobie

      Jan 24, 2015
      It would be nice to have the ability to right/left click on a dock with a blueprint in your hotbar. causing that entity to be placed into the dock.

      Bonus points, if the blueprint would not be consumed, just the blocks needed to create the entity in question.

      Other than just making docking lots of entities like point defense turrets much easier, it would also make docking internal entities like docked reactors less of an ordeal for ships with completed shells.
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    2. NeonSturm

      NeonSturm StormMaker

      Dec 31, 2013
      Perhaps this should be possible near shops.

      Perhaps you can build auto-movement relative to your ship with logic computers or mods in the near future (and a turret-yard) *just joking* but may be cool anyway.

      It could be a nice way to reload your torpedoes.
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    3. Ithirahad

      Ithirahad Arana'Aethi

      Nov 14, 2013
      Agreed. Shipyards will automatically replace turrets/docked entities if destroyed, but we need some easy way to change the type of turret or outfit a ship with turrets for the first time. The current system is really annoying. :\