Pulse stream Community servers now supports starmade users!

    Sep 6, 2013
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    Hey everyone! Pulse stream has just received a new server! Starmade is now on our list of servers we support, We are a growing group who started our hold in the 7 days to die community, We have loyal members, Smart and powerful moderators, as well as very active servers! Help us achieve our goal of reaching hundreds, even thousands of users across multiple games and groups, as well as help provide the best possible gaming experience!

    Join us over at www.pulsestream.org and join us in our teamspeak!
    Server info:
    Name: Starmade SG(non-official)

    The server is relatively new, a full list of rules and an official name have not been set up yet. We expect this to be done by Sunday.

    P.S. I just noticed how much this sounds like an infomercial! XD Don't worry, we are much more exciting in the teamspeak.
    ~K. McCoy
    Web-Master and Co-owner of Pulse Stream community.