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    Pre-set names for fighters docked to Ship when spawned in?

    Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Maarek Stele, Dec 20, 2018.

    1. Maarek Stele

      Jun 16, 2014
      Hi everyone,

      I was wondering if there was a way that when I spawn in a Carrier, the individual Fighters could keep their own ship name that I give them?

      If I name a fighter "Fighter 1" and dock it to a ship called "Carrier 1" then save the ship and spawn it in, I notice that the fighter's name changes to match what it is docked to (so the fighter will be called a variant of "Carrier 1".

      I'm not sure if there is a way, but figured I'd ask in case any of you guys knew something that I didn't.

      Thanks in advance for any help.
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    2. kikaha

      Jul 10, 2013
      Yeah thats an idea i like very much. As far as i know its not a thing yet...
    3. DeepspaceMechanic

      Mar 10, 2016

      There's no way to pre-name them, but the easiest/fastest way to rename the more important docked parts of a spawned-in structure is to:

      1) enter the main structure's core/build block
      2) enter Build Mode
      3) locate a docked entity that you wish to rename, and point at it
      4) press the mouse wheel button (this will make you jump into the docked entity you were looking at)
      5) use the "Rename" option of the left-side panel in Build Mode
      6) enter the desired name, and copy the invariant part of the name with Ctrl+C
      7) locate, point at, and jump (with the mouse wheel button) into the next docked entity you wish to rename
      8) use the "Rename" option again, and paste the invariant part of the name with Ctrl+V, and add "2" after it
      9) repeat from step 7 until everything is named the way you want them
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    4. jstenholt

      Jul 29, 2013
      I've always wanted this feature, but figured it was too minor to warrant bringing it up.

      It would be amazing and I'm glad somebody finally suggested it. It would be extremely useful for making fleets out of carrier blueprints.
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    5. NeonSturm

      NeonSturm StormMaker

      Dec 31, 2013
      As long as names are unique on a server, it is not a very bright idea unless it comes with a fix to problems caused by that.
      I think it should be allowed to have 2x a ship named "NeonSturm" on a server. Or does the almigthy-overlord-of-pirates forbidd that?

      That said, we need a way to uniquely identify ships in a human-readable format.
      Player-ID (or faction-ID for AI and player-ID for personal AI) could be a part of the ID-number. Reasonable and a nice addon.

      Either the builders or spawners name as prefix.
      What would you do when the ship would use already-reserved names?

      Personally, I would opt for a complete rebuild of the name system. Like:
      > Let each ship have "broadcast channels" from which "shipname" is one of the defaults you are listening too.
      > Essentially, a ship produces some "broadcast-string" and an "broadcast-overview", using diplay blocks on the core.
      > Ships without any display block linked to core, would automatically adopt their docks name every time they dock plus add "spawn x" behind it. Or some other idea similar to that.

      In the simplest version it would be like this:
      The overview is an "optimized version", tagging "shipname, owner, description, comma-separated channellist ..." as sub-channels of that ship's main channel. The string is using the display block like that: "[broadcast=channelname]message[broadcast=player.channelname]message[...]".
      You can use "[broadtarget=shipnameregex or shipid][broadview=channelname][broadview=anotherchannelname]" within a display block and it inserts that text content on the position you use that tag in brackets.
      About text-size "shipdescription" could list "shipdesc1" channel with "[broadadd=shipdesc1]". That one's content would be inserted as long as there is enough space in a display block. [skip=number] can help spreading ";"-delimited auto-inserts over multiple display blocks.
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    6. kikaha

      Jul 10, 2013

      Simply ???
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    7. NeonSturm

      NeonSturm StormMaker

      Dec 31, 2013
      It would replace wireless blocks also - when you need advanced (currently not available) features.
      It enables us to target ships via logic.

      It would simplyfy things while adding features.
    8. Kutza

      May 20, 2014
      I Think that would be a valuable change to the game.

      I am not entirely sure that I understand, but I think I like the essence of your idea.

      Here is what I propose
      1) Ships are uniquely identified by the system using a hidden id generated at there creation this could be a simple integer indicating that it is the 5892nd ship to be spawned on the server.
      2) Name Should be a non-unique value that is that is broadcast by the ship (faction name, Creator name, Intent could also be Broadcast Values)
      3)Ships only Broadcast there Name (and outer values) when not stealthed. (even if a ship with powerful scanners detects the ship it should not see the name because it is not being broadcast)
      4)These values should all be set in a screen assessed by the radial menu (not a display module attached to the core)
      5) All these values are save in a blueprint so that when you spawn a new one they remain constant (the dialog when spawning can still have an option to rename the parent entity (or even a dropdown for the child entitys) and have the option to change all of the faction name values to the spawners faction)
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    9. NeonSturm

      NeonSturm StormMaker

      Dec 31, 2013
      Kutza s post:

      It would be cool if you can fire an intimitating shot at an enemy.
      It is as strong as 10 seconds continuous fire by AI (rare damage output) and if it passes the "enough damage test", the other ship is intimitated.

      When one is intimitated, he has to give away information in order to get a free passage or lose stealth for a few seconds. There is no fun-value in displaying a ship as "unidentified warping object Nr. 111110001119"
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    10. Sgtwisky

      Dec 3, 2013
      I like the idea.

      If I were to be the one to decide how it was implemented....

      1. Ship ID would be an obscured value readable by the server and admins only.
      2. An admin could look up ID's by ship name as well. Searching by FrigatXX1 or whatever and getting a list of any ships with that name on the server.
      3. Ship Name would not have to be unique. It would just be an additional string value saved to the ship/station/BP.

      Additional "Features" that I would add while playing with names and blueprints.
      4. Make it so a blueprint when created for the first time will generate a "Creators" name on it. Every time after that its saved or blueprinted, it will just add another player name to "Altered by" or something. Assuming of course the name was not on the ship already.
      5. Add a BP Spawn/Build lock that only allows the first "Creator" name to spawn/build it.

      1, and 3 have been stated here already. 2 I thought would be a good idea, and 4/5 have been something the community has wanted for ages that seem to fit in with the type of work that would be required in changing how name/ship ID /BP's work anyway.
    11. Sachys

      Sachys Hermit.

      Nov 30, 2015
      far as i remember thats already the case if you rename your ship after spawning from a BP / manufacturing in a shipyard / just rename through the faction block if directly built.
      ever had a ship vanish / get stolen etc? - used to be a hard time finding it unless they had the original name / unique number string after it (not so bad if the only ship with that name on a server).

      far as i know thats possible - or at least through logfiles.
    12. NeonSturm

      NeonSturm StormMaker

      Dec 31, 2013
      1. I think a ship should have one hidden server-ID, just like you said.

      3. But appart from that, it could have a known-ID such as "#001 : NeonSturm ShipCore" which is a unique name FOR that short-ID number.
      If names are too similar (n+m is like same letter here), it would get a #002 or #003.
      The name must also be spell-able (no chineese stuff here, only the 26 ascii-letters).

      This name is the first name you saw it. Perhaps the creators name. Perhaps the modifiers name.
      But not too long pls (not "NeonSturm's Sachy's Sgtwisky's MindCracker MilitaryCracker SchemaCracker whatevermore")

      4. Additionally, it can have a display name. It can be your beloved chinese letters or a message like: "Leave the lone ranger alone, please!"

      But I am against a BP spawn lock if it can't be bypassed in some way (hacking implementation or pirate-looting a blueprint or burning the faction module). It could spawn with some vendor-logic which self-destructs the ship once the faction module gets removed and preset faction and public-permission blocks. In this case, faction would be creator-only (his account as faction).

      How would you rule someone who hacks his local server/client to think he is the creator, spawn it remove lock or rebuild it row by row?
      It's impossible and we should not attempt it.

      How many inventions have been made simultanously in humankind's history?
      Sometimes you will have more rules than options to act - vendor lockin prison planet.