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    Power cap

    Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mosshadow, Apr 2, 2014.

    1. Mosshadow

      Mar 26, 2014
      I heard there was a 1 million energy soft cap but I easily went over it with long lines of power generators so how does it work exactly and is it a good idea to go over?
    2. MineCatFTW

      Jun 19, 2013
      Its a soft cap, where the dimensional bonuses no longer work after 1 million power, so you just get the 25 e/sec from the block, but no dimensional bonuses.
    3. Moraligus

      Jan 25, 2014
      actually the cap is 1.2 million

      afterwords you slowly get diminishing returns with each progressive generator until after a certain amount of power block have then been placed and you are stuck with 25 e/sec per block. how many blocks it takes after the soft cap to reach this point i cant say.
    4. Lt_Duckweed

      Sep 26, 2013
      Actually the cap is exactly one million. I\'ve tested it on several of my ships. Just lay down 20,000 power blocks in 500m long lines and you will get the 500,000 from the 25 e/sec plus 1,000,000.00 e/sec bounus. For a total of exactly 1,500,00.00 e/sec
    5. NeonSturm

      NeonSturm StormMaker

      Dec 31, 2013
      If you use reactors in your ship, you should think about starting a new one after about 9\'667\'000 energy (7x7x121).

      More than that is only usefull, if you want to put storage on reactors, to make them also capable of firing >20\'000e/s weapons or store charge for more output during server laggs.
    6. Keptick

      Keptick Overkill titan builder

      Sep 26, 2013
      After the soft cap you can either:
      1) continue placing the blocks in lines like you used to so that when the ship gets damaged you keep getting the bonus.
      2) If you don\'t have the patience to do method 1 then just spam power gens in cubes all over the place. Make sure that they don\'t touch the line generators.
    7. AtraUnam

      AtraUnam Maiden of crashes

      Oct 15, 2013
      3) If you know that you are going to go over the power cap anyway just build the whole thing out of cubes with no lines in the first place. Not very efficient but it is far less affected by battle damage than line generators.
    8. Valan

      Mar 10, 2014
      This is the first thread where I\'ve seen someone mention the real reason optimal reactors are important. People often advocate in these threads that just slinging around power gens hit the magic 1 million mark is good enough so why bother spending your time designing optimal reactors or ships around optimal reactors.

      The other less important saving is space. Less power regen means more power stored, more weapons, more shields.

      I find it interesting that when humans are given no physical design constraints such as aerodynamics that people design systems around ships rather than ships around systems. It doesn\'t mean you cannot have an aesthetically pleasing ship.