plex lifting ship from hanger


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    Sep 11, 2013
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    I trying to find a way to make a slight gavity field for a couple of projects, not looking for a planet or a gravity generator!

    I'm looking for making a transistion point from a weak gravity field so the hanger lifter looks real and delivers the ship to a placed location, currently the lifter comes in contact with the ship and sends it upwards, more of an appearance sisuation shown in the pictures.

    In this pic the ship is resting on the plex doors, this is the ideal location.

    This the reach of the plex lifter slightly above where the plex hanger doors are and ideally having the ship in this location would be perfect.

    This is where the ship floated too, not problematic but has to do with the flow of mechanic's of an operation, does anyone have a solution to this? I tried putting dirt in various spots as I heard it holds some gravity when grouped in an area but this did not work, also tried a segment of 16x16x16 which had no effect either.