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    Player Radios - Jiggy jiggy jiggy, by MrNature72

    Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MrNature72, Apr 3, 2014.

    1. MrNature72

      Nov 5, 2013
      Alright, I love this game. But it lacks something. Something that I felt like it lacked, you know, that lackey lack that really bugs you but you can't put your finger on it.

      And I realized what it was: features.

      Minecraft suffered from this: there was little in the game besides set progression. Now, StarMade has already broken the hold of featureless gameplay with factions, but here's my idea: Radios.

      Radios would consist of a multitude of parts. I'll list them below.

      Personal Radio: The personal radio would be able to pick up "strong" signals, and signals released from other personal radios.

      Beacon Device: Allows ships to release beacons, which can range from distress beacons to shop beacons to danger beacons to tons of other things that a beacon could be used for. Uses a connected atennae, just the same way a weapons computer works.

      Broadcasting System: Also uses an antennae, but allows players to broadcast very special things. Very expensive, and drains a lot of power, but the player can broadcast music, or their voice, or whatever they so please. Can also be set to broadcast on different "frequencies"

      Antennae: The size of an antennae decides the reach of signals, and how well ships can recieve signals.

      Supportive Antennae: Can be set to do a multitude of things. It can be set as "open", and will further broadcast signals it recieves in another "jump". Signals can only "jump" 3 times, however, so while massive, they do have a finite range. They can also be set to "jump" specific frequencies, which can be done 5 times.

      Radio Device: Simple. It shouts whatever comes through a signal. Also can decide what frequencies to pick up from, and so on.

      CD: Players can place their recordings onto CD's, and CD's can be placed in the Radio Device.

      Why radios and beacons? Well I'll tell you why.

      Let's make it so each player can have a pre-set maximum of 1mb of recordings, whether it be music, or so on. This can be changed by the server host.

      It will let factions play some music to their members, or relay news, and will generally just be interractive fun. Players can be nice and add a Support Antennae to their ship to help "jump" signals.

      Maybe add a jam devide, I dunno. But I'll tell you what, I'd sure love some music to jam too. And it would make it so in-game music was dictated by you, the players.
    2. Apples

      Jun 24, 2013
      Radios sound Marvelous, however I would love to have the Option Of Live Broadcasting where i can set up a frequency to EVERYONE\'S favorite songs, These Include: The Complete Bieberlicious Collection, Rebecca Black- Firday, PSY- Gangnam Style and, Tay zonday- Chocolate Rain

      So remember everyone, tune your radios to GRR 102.6 (Grandurian Refined Radio)
    3. Zovc

      Jul 11, 2013
      This isMarcoda radio speaking, dial in 47839 to request your song!

      Bob: Hi I woud like RadioActive.

      Me: thank you bob, excellent choice.

      \"Radioactive, radioactive\"
    4. FlyingDebris

      FlyingDebris Vaygr loves my warhead bat.

      Sep 6, 2013
      \"Sir, we are recieving a distress call on channel 243.\"

      \"Play it.\"

      \"~Rick Roll~\"

      \"What the hell, lieutenant...\"

      \"Uhhhhhhh, I din\'t know where that came from!\"

      \"~bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep~\"

      \"Ok, that\'s the distress call I was expecting...\"
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    5. Zodapop

      Jun 23, 2013
      \"Welcome back to the Mr. New Vegas Show, the show with, in my opinion – which I respect – the best-looking audience around. Somebody prove me wrong?\"