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      This post below will go into detail of the requirements of reporting a bug on Phabricator

      So you've found a bug and want to report it, yet have never used phabricator before? Do not worry! This guide shall help you understand the basics for typing up a bug report, and the format required, as well as what you do and do not need to include depending on the situation!

      STEP ONE!
      Going onto Phabricator
      Go onto the starmade page for reporting bugs, called phabricator.
      URL: Phabricator
      This is the official website where the developers receive and manage bug reports, and it's important you upload your bug report here for them!

      STEP TWO!

      Creating a new bug report.
      Click the plus icon in the top right menu, and select the "Report a bug" from the dropdown
      You may have to log in to report a bug.


      After selecting "Report a Bug", the next step is to fill out the form provided.
      Your first step is to fill out the Title. This should be short and simple, giving the developers a direct idea on what bug it is.

      Task Type
      Ignore the task type, this should be grayed out already as it's for the developers to edit, not you. So don't worry about it.

      Ignore the status, this is for the developers to organize bugs to be assigned, to be worked on, and finished bugs. You shouldn't need to worry about this, nor do you have to.

      After filling out the Title, the next thing to fill out is the description. This description should be about what bug it is, and what it affects, and how it happened. But don't go into too much detail on how it happened, as you will need to state this again later.
      An example of how to fill the form out is provided below.

      STEP FOUR!
      You do not need to worry about the tags, as this is for the developers to organize, and is also out of your control to edit.

      The Subscribers are the people listed that follow updates of the bug you've reported. Unless you've been previously told by a developer to subscribe them to it, do not put anyone in this.

      Steps to reproduce
      After filling the description out, the next thing to fill out is the steps to reproduce.
      The steps to reproduce should be a step by step guide how to replicate the bug or exploit so developers can reproduce it for themselves. The image below shows an example of a step guide for developers to replicate an exploit.

      STEP FIVE!
      Affected Gamemode(s)
      After filling out the step guide to reproduce the exploit, you need to mention what game mode it affects. Some bugs only affect multiplayer, some only affect single player, while some affect both, or even the launcher itself. Choose the appropriate game mode the bug affects.

      This tab tells the developers if it's possible to reproduce the bug. If you did something and caused the bug, then it's probably reproducible, BUT DO NOT CHOOSE YES UNLESS YOU ARE CERTAIN! Uncertain is best if you can reproduce it yourself, but can't find out if it's affecting anyone else.

      Last tested (version)
      Here you type what game version the bug was discovered on. E.g. 0.199.654 or 0.199.649 etc.
      You can check your launcher to find out what version of the game you're running on.

      The Category is where you choose what aspect of the game your bug affects. It could be Astronaut modelling, to the universe itself. This helps the developers find out what area of the game the bug is affecting.

      First Occurence (version)
      Here you type what version of the game the bug was first discovered. This may be similar to the last tested version, but if the bug has existed for several updates then this would be different compared to the last tested version.

      Below is a picture of what the form looks like.

      STEP SIX!
      The OS-Specific tab is for if the bug is for a specific operating system, such as windows, apple, or linux. This tab is more for hardware specific bugs rather than exploits. You shouldn't need to fill this out for in game exploits.

      Hardware Specific
      This tab is for if you use specific hardware such as a joystick, mouse, or video card. Again, this tab is for more hardware specific bugs instead. You shouldn't need to fill this out for in game exploits.

      Video Card Vendor
      This tab asks for which brand of graphics card you have, e.g. NVIDIA, Intel, Other
      This is for hardware bugs more than exploits in game. If you don't know who it is, look through your settings on your computer. You shouldn't need to fill this out for in game exploits.

      Video Card Model
      For those of you who know your laptop/computer's specifications, this should be easy for you. For those who don't, you should be able to find your video card model in your settings with your video card vendor.
      You shouldn't need to fill this out for in game exploits.

      The image below shows the form and what it will ask you for.


      Detected video (Graphicsinfo.txt)
      This is where the technical stuff comes in if you have an in game technical error. For this box, you need to go into your starmade folder and find the file called "Graphcisinfo.txt", from there, you copy all the words in it and paste it as directed on the form itself. The form comes with instructions on how to do it properly. To find the graphcisinfo.txt file you need to enter your starmade folders, the directory of which is mentioned in the image below.

      SMC Report
      Here, you should copy and paste the results of the Starmade System Checker. This is for if you have a technical error in the game. This shouldn't need to be filled in if you want to report a bug or an exploit in game itself.

      Serverconfig (server.cfg)
      Here is where you copy and paste the content of the server.cfg file, which is found in your starmade files. This isn't necessary for anything except for server issues on the SERVER's side, as the host. The form explains what you're required to do in order to submit the information to the developers.

      Clientconfig (settings.cfg)

      This section of the form is only required to be filled in for client based bugs, such as server errors caused by you, the player. THIS IS NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE HOST. To fill this form, you are required to copy the text found in the file "settings.cfg". The form will help explain what is required to fill it in.

      Java Version (32 Bit/64 Bit)
      This section of the form is for the developers to learn which version of Java you are using. In order to fill these boxes, you are required to open up your console, for windows this is "cmd" in your search bar. When opened, you need to type "java -d32 -version" as well as "java -d64 -version". There should appear either three lines, or an error message. These should be pasted in the box, even if it is an error message.
      STEP NINE!

      URL to starmadedock thread
      If you filed this bug report based off a SMD thread, post the URL in this box. If you didn't base it off a forum post, leave this blank.

      Username on Registry
      Here you enter the name you use on the Starmade Registry. This allows the developers to get in contact with you if they need to.

      Username/Profile on Steam
      Here is where you would enter your Steam profile. This allows the developers to contact you, as well as to see if you bought the game via steam. If you do not have steam, leave this blank.

      Steam URL
      Here you would enter the URL for your steam profile. This is so the developers can contact you if needed, as well as to confirm you bought Starmade.

      Create new task
      This is your final button! You click this to make the task and submit the bug report!

      What do I need to fill in?
      For a bug report you fill in all that you consider necessary, for in game bugs or exploits, steps 1-5 and 9 are recommended to be filled, but you can also do more if you deem it necessary. For Technical issues, all nine steps may be required to be filled out in order to successfully identify the issue. So fill in as much as you deem necessary, but it's better to have more info than required, so the developers don't need to hunt you down in order to get some info you accidentally missed out on!

      THAT'S IT!
      You now know how to submit a bug report to the developers on Phabricator, you've now made Starmade a slight bit better thanks to your help!
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      You may find additional information here if needed:

      I want to add that your reports are automatically private. Only a few Schine members can see them before they get processed so don't be afraid to post anything confidential.
      If you include confidential information yourself, such as a blueprint or log file you do not want to end up in public, just mention this in the task's description and we'll make sure to keep the task in a private area or replace its content with our own files to declassify it.

      Don't be afraid to report issues, it's possible it's already reported but the only way to know is to report it or search for it yourself here.
      It's incredibly fast to process duplicate tasks, and any new information can help us out further.

      Thanks Master_chief_150Master_chief_150 for making this post, should be a big help for anyone willing to help Schine out!