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    Painnigouto mentor nomination

    Discussion in 'Mentors and Moderators' started by jontyfreack, Nov 14, 2017.


    Should pain be nominated for the role of community mentor

    1. Yes, hail pipe

    2. yes

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    3. no, praise pipe

    4. no,

    1. jontyfreack

      jontyfreack Pipe-God-Emperor of starmade

      Nov 29, 2013
      So I shall begin with a quote from SMD chat from a recent conversation about building and helping other players and being proud after seeing how new builders are getting along.

      "painnigouto: i actually invite people over from time to time and try to give them build advice n stuff. other way around too btw, a day without learning is a day wasted in my eyes"

      Pain has also mastered detailing and importantly teaching how to detail like crazy and how to play the game, explaining the ADV build mode to people, how various other things work, and generally being a really nice person in chat.

      Speaking of being a nice person in chat, each time I have seen them in chat they have been either helping someone figure out a problem, giving advice to aspiring builders, comparing details with my bridge, and being supportive of players who might not think they are the best at something.

      Also absolutely bloody brilliant at building, has done some brilliant logic work, I would assume significantly better at systems than me (that is just about everyone apart from aesthetics ;) )

      So in short, I nominate Painnigouto for community mentor because they are essentially that, they might not be as good at logic/rail dickfuckery as Atra, might not be as good at the whole PVP thing and systems malarkey as RedAlert, but Pain is one of the go-to people for learning the game and if you need help making your ship look good.

      Hail pipe, this person is good at what they do and is good at helping others do what they do.
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    2. Thingie

      Thingie Professional Lurker

      Sep 6, 2016
      Pain has helped a number of people in the chat. His friendly and approachable and would be a great asset as a mentor who knows alot about design aesthetics and base game functionality.
      I whole heartedly agree with nomination.
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    3. Aesthetics

      Aesthetics Dark Lord of the Sith

      Aug 29, 2016
      Fuck off ))))
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    4. GDPR 302420

      GDPR 302420 Guest

      As an existing mentor, I herby endorse painnigouto as StarMade mentor material, not many within this community are as dedicated to helping newer players and sharing knoweldge as painnigouto.

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