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    Overheat log message change

    Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Jeryia, Oct 21, 2017.

    1. Jeryia

      Dec 16, 2013
      I usually don't ask these sorts of things, but as I think this is likely easy to implement.

      Currently the log message for overheating ships does not tell you which ship is overheating. Just that the overheat timer has started. Could you add some form of identifier to the message so that it could easily be determined what ship is overheating?

      Currently the log message looks like:
      [SERVER] MAIN CORE STARTED DESTRUCTION: in 900 seconds - started 1508593121173

      I would request the message end up looking something like:
      [SERVER] MAIN CORE STARTED DESTRUCTION: in 900 seconds - started on my_entity at 1508593121173

      Where my_entity would be the database uid for that object.

      This would allow me(and others) to have a significantly more reliable method of detecting when ships start overheating. It would also make that log entry more useful for those looking at logs for what happened.
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    2. Top 4ce

      Top 4ce Force or Ace?

      Jul 25, 2013
      And can we move it so it doesn't cover the distance to it when selected. It's annoying.