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    Oppaius Consortium Ships

    Discussion in 'Shipyard' started by Epsellis, Jan 14, 2018.

    1. Epsellis

      Jul 21, 2015
      Newest Update:

      Squire II

      The squire has been redesigned for the new power system.


      Click here for 3D
      Squire II (Standard Loadout) by Zerion - 3D model


      Hi! I'm new!

      Me and some friends used to play as the "Oppaius Consortium"
      And I've organized some of my little ships into a developmental tech tree
      There are variants of these customized by members of the Consortium
      *The SteelTiger is by SteelxTiger
      *Valken 2 is tuned by Renic
      *Logo is by Moon

      Liaas - Small starter miner, one of the first ships
      Iraya - Starter Miner with basic defense
      CBM - Consortium Basic Miner
      CSM A-Type - Consortium Standard Miner, Auto (logic) Type
      CSM J-Type - Most used version of the CSM, the Jump type.
      Aeon - Armored Miner
      Baina - Simple miner with Minion mounts
      Wanderer - A mining base with a large cargo bay
      Squire - Low cost starter/Utility Ship
      Lancer - Squire armed with a low cost cannon and spaced armor, Cheap means of getting firepower on the battlefield
      Freelancer -A slightly more equipped version of the lancer, Given to newbies needing a ship for events and fights.
      Tow Truck - Detachable segment of base with a large jump drive. Used to collect ships from battlefields
      Liaas 4 - Basic miner carrier with slots for turrets or drones.
      Dual - Small Double sided carrier Designed to carry Valkens into battle. Armed with support fire Weapon
      Quadro - Larger version of the Dual featuring better defense and more runways
      Valgyr - My first fighter, Armed with 4 Point defense fins
      Valken - Basic Consortium Standard fighter. Based on Outdated Agility Mechanics and Softcaps
      Valken Aero - Expanded Valken, Based on outdated mechanics
      Valken RR - Rapid Response type with expanded booster pack. Utility taxi designed for roles outside battle such as fishing ships from the sun or chasing rogue chain drives, Epsellis's Colors[​IMG]
      ValkenGuard - Armored variant of the Valken designed for front line in hunts
      SteelTiger - Sniper Variant of the Valken
      Valken 2 - Updated variant with increased space for weapons. usually used for training and experiments
      Valken 2 E - Epsellis's personal variant, re-weaponized
      StormValken - Fully armed variant for dogfighting
      Phoenix - Support fire variant, With multiple types of missiles for different situations
      Epsellis - Destroyer meant for escort roles.

      (Many of these ships are inspired from characters of mine, Epsellis is the character in my avatar)
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    2. ProfDriftwood

      Oct 24, 2017
      Great work Epsellis! The hulls on your ships look so good. Awesome technique!
    3. Aesthetics

      Aesthetics Dark Lord of the Sith

      Aug 29, 2016
      I hope this tech-tree of yours doesn't mean we have to start grinding to get your ships.
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    4. jayman38

      jayman38 Precentor-Primus, pro-tempore

      Jul 13, 2014
      I'm loving the style.
    5. virtue1987

      Jul 7, 2014
      Hmm, your Name and this ships seem familiar, on what servers did you paly on?
      To stay on topic, great ships, Keep it going.
    6. Epsellis

      Jul 21, 2015
      Hello, Adding the newest little sister to the roster. The Squire II.

      Squire II (Standard Loadout) by Zerion - 3D model

      Standard Loadout
      x2 Beam Cannons
      x1 Turret "Knife" Autocannon
      x1 Turret "Bow" Missile Rack
      x2 Mini Turrets "Glove" Point Defense

      The new Squire II is based on the same concept as it's predecessor: A baseline multirole unit geared towards of being useful both in combat and logistics.
      This loadout is designed to lessen the strain on the reactors to avoid the need to budget energy in battle. More experienced pilots may choose to swap out the basic turrets for heavier armaments such as the quad autocannon turrets.
    7. wizard_fish

      Dec 26, 2018
      we want download :I (amazing work btw)