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    Open GL Error/Crash

    Discussion in 'Game Support' started by ultra695, Jan 12, 2019.

    1. ultra695

      Jun 29, 2013
      I've been trying to play starmade again after a multi year break but am having constant issues with game freezes due to OpenGL errors (GL_INVALID_OPERATION). I've cleaned and reinstalled graphics drivers. I've updated java and tried pointing Starmade to the new java instead of the bundled java. I've tried changing shadowcube.vsh to only use version 130. I'm currently mucking around in graphics options hoping something works but I don't have much hope.

      The actual ingame actions that cause a crash vary, I'm playing on a multiplayer server hosted locally. The only consistent situations that caused a crash are going into a sector near a star so that the background changed color (no idea what was in the sector unfortunately), and being nearby a friend's ship while he was building (no other ships nearby). I've attached a log that contains a crash.

      The ship I was flying hasn't changed over the course of all my play.

      I am on windows 10, with a AMD r9 390x graphics card using version 19.1.1 drivers. My monitor is 3440x1440, though I've tried in many resolutions and windowed/fullscreen.

      pls help
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      Oh my god I actually fixed it by mucking with graphics options. Turning shadows off fixed my problems (for now). Turning shadows on immediately causes an error. Log attached.

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