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    Jan 3, 1970
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    Timezone (GMT): +1

    How much time are you able to commit to being on the council per week? About 20 hours per week. I am busy with studies and have a small part-time job 4 days a week from about 17:30 to 22:00.

    How long have you been playing StarMade? I have been playing StarMade over 2 years now. I play it in my free time and have been following its development for the past years. I always check out new updates and like seeing the new features and changes in every dev-build.

    What’s your playstyle in StarMade? I build ships most of the time. I also like helping new people to get familiar with the game. Helping people test their ships or giving advice on building.

    So I play as a creative builder on servers in my own faction.

    What are some qualities you think you posses that would make you a good council member? I like the idea's people come up with for StarMade and just notice that some of them don't get the attention they deserve. Right now all I can do is like or comment on their posts. As a council member I would like to discuss new idea's with the other council members and see which one's have potential for the game.

    What are some of your weaknesses? I often get quiet when other people are talking and I forget to give my own opinions and idea's in conversations. This happens when I work with people I don't know that well.

    What motivates you to become a council member? I want to help the game get better with the help of the community. There are so many great idea's out there and the game has so much potential. I want to connect the community and the developers more so we can all get the StarMade we deserve.

    How do you contribute to the community currently? Right now I just give feedback on people's ships and ideas for the game on different sites. I also have a Youtube channel where I let people submit ships and let them fight some of my own or other people's ships.

    I also help people with problems in StarMade. From getting the game to work to building their first ship or station.

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