North American Sandbox Servers - Hybrid PvE PvP and Build


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    Player Rules:

    1. Report bugs and crashes to Schema.
    2. Move out of spawn. Space is big, get out there!
    3. No trolling, raging or spamming of any kind.
    4. Don't be a jerk with PVP and faction wars. Fight fairly and give other people a chance to fight with equal footing.
    -No spawncamping or homebase camping.
    -This means no destructively aggressive tactics; unfairly overpowering the entire server with giant lag-machine ships that weigh hundreds of thousands in mass, cost billions of credits, kill everything in sight almost instantly, and crash people's games is unacceptable.
    There is no good reason to be using ships this large, and Starmade multiplayer cannot handle it. Factions that engage in this type of behavior will be investigated and their fleets deleted; faction leaders will be punished unless they agree to scale down their fleets.
    This is not up for discussion.
    5. No pushing others outside of the spawn area. Also, no ramming ships/stations/objects anywhere. (ramming = colliding something at high speeds)
    6. No abusive or harassing behavior. No racism, nazism, communism, heavy cursing, avoid insults and spamming the chat.
    7. Keep your faction stuff at your faction bases. This means no camping enemy bases with large ships.
    8. You can only have ONE account at a time on NASS. With a maximum of two reserved names. The second is for use by Build users who also want to have a PvE/PvP character. Therefore, you may only be in one faction besides Builders at any given time.
    Impersonations, Sockpuppetry or Alts are bannable offenses.
    9. No joining a faction for the purpose of sabotage or spying. People caught doing this will be banned permanently. If the spy/saboteur is affiliated with another faction, that faction will be investigated and its leaders may be held responsible.
    10. If you see bugs plaguing the server or people causing trouble, PM an admin! Message their forum accounts. Don't take matters into your own hands! Admin impersonators are perma banned.
    11. Have fun! (And let others have fun too!)

    Admins reserve the right to delete large ships which are believed to be causing lag and general instability to the server.
    This especially is true in the case of "AMC nukes"/"Uberships"/"Death cubes", which are an eyesore to look at and cause significant performance drops. Such ships and any other kinds of "lag machines" will be deleted on sight.
    You are not entitled to any form of credit/resource compensation if your ship gets deleted, unless the admin chooses to give you some.

    NOTICE: The spirit of the law is to be obeyed, not the letter. Do not harass admins about their moderating choices; their decisions are final. Snarky technicalities will not be tolerated.
    Use common sense when it comes to potentially risky actions or issues. Just because something may not be listed here as "a rule" doesn't mean it's allowed.

    Admin Rules:

    1. No handouts. Do not use admin commands for the gameplay-benefit of other players under any circumstances.
    -This includes teleportations, credits, blocks, ships, etc.
    2. No teleporting except for the specific purpose of addressing bugs or server-related issues.
    - No spying
    - When you teleport, do so in a ship core, with godmode on (so you don't accidentally get killed by any enemy turrets in the area), and remember to turn godmode off once you're done fixing the problem.
    3. Admin commands are only to be used for server-welfare-related purposes (example of what's not okay: using your admin powers to spawn yourself ships).
    4. The /destroy_entity command (in reference to the "DISCLAIMER") is a very powerful one and one that can either ruin the server or save it from death by lag. Use this command only when you absolutely need to.
    5. Do not intervene in matters that other admins have already handled, for example unbanning a player that another admin banned. Talk to the other admins about it first.
    6. Bans are a matter of considerable weight. Choose your actions carefully and discuss difficult decisions with the higher-up admins before doing anything bold.
    7. If an admin tells you to do something, you will do it.
    8. All player rules apply to admins as well.

    Meet your Raiders:
    Make 1 Jackel fighter stolen from Deathmark City's Civil Defense Force. Was it really stolen?
    Likely a prototype design stolen from another group as Raider engineers lack the skill to build something so small and efficient. Raider produced versions have several material faults.
    The racing vessel known as the Stiletto Rev1 was a failed attempt to replicate the deadliness of the SR7 Katar (or Qatar) Space Superiority Fighter. Much smaller than the Katar the Stiletto was given a second life as the Rev2 which fixed the power issues that still plague production model Rev1s. Cost to produce a Rev2 is prohibitive and beyond the means of most Raider clans. However if the clan controls a space station you can bet they have enough to invest in a few wings of the Rev2 to defend it.
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    Wow... an entire post dedicated to rules and telling no one anything about the server...

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    Planr is back, and as admin? Hell yeah.