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    Name Change Request

    Discussion in 'Registry/Account Support' started by svntrw, Jun 26, 2018.

    1. svntrw

      Jun 26, 2018
      I had recently bought the full version of StarMade and made a registry account named svntrw, after a few attempts to link my steam account to it, the account would not upgrade. This was because when I was signed up for the demo I had linked my steam to the old accoutn called PrefectDeity. I would like to have the svntrw account removed and then have my PrefectDeity account renamed to svntrw.

      Simplified version

      I bought starmade and made a new registry account(svntrw) to attach it to, but the account would not upgrade because I had a different account connected(PrefectDeity), I just want the PrefectDeity account renamed to svntrw and the original svntrw account removed or something.

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