Module Block Replacement En masse


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    Mar 12, 2015
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    Hi Schine/schema,

    Can we have a way to replace modules connected to a computer by selecting the computer instead of using the replace tool on the individual modules.

    Use Case #1
    As use case for this is when we replace retired effect, weapon and other power/weapon 1.0 modules with power/weapon 2.0.

    I've been doing a lot of retrofitting lately, and it's really not that bad really. Apart from the tedium in replacing modules all over the place.

    Sure, in some cases total replacement and physical replacing of the modules is required due to the different nature of certain module types, but I've found in general the weapons don't need a lot of work apart from replacing the effects.

    Use Case #2
    On another note, I've also been weapon swapping for alternate variations for a common shell. This is for both ships and turrets. Example, replace all the Cannon modules for missile.

    Sure these can be acheived with the replace tool as it is, but if you have different module groups of the same type (Say cannon) for different computers swapping/replacing all the modules in a separate group become tedious because you can't do a simple select all.

    A suggested way to apply this tool function would be a tick box for "Replace Computer Modules" under "Replace with active slot"