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    Apr 30, 2013
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    Hello everyone, and welcome to the StarMade Modding Forums!

    At the moment, modding for StarMade is still in its infancy. As the game develops, more aspects will be open to modding. As an avid modder myself for more than a decade, it is my personal hope that we can make StarMade as moddable as possible. If you wish to live out your fantasies in space, I want to give you that opportunity.

    At the moment, most modification occurs in the form of Texture Packs and Skins. These can be found in their respective forums:

    Tools and other forms of third-party software can be found in the sub-forum dedicated to these:

    Mods that have been released and mods which are a work-in-progress still under heavy development (which may or may not have anything released yet) should be placed in their respective sub-forums.

    If you have a thread for a mod in the WIP forum that you feel should be moved to the Releases forum, please send a request to a moderator/administrator to have the topic moved. You may also simply want to start a new thread in the Releases forum, where you can have a fresh thread with the first-page replies relevant to the released version. If making a new thread, feel free to send a request to have the original WIP thread locked.

    Requests for mods or ideas for mods should be posted in the sub-forum dedicated to these:
    Requests/Ideas for Mods:

    This main section can basically be considered Modding General Discussion. There isn't that much to discuss at the moment, but that will change drastically over time. For now, feel free to discuss whatever StarMade modding relevant topics you want.

    Enjoy your stay, and happy modding!

    - Omni​
    Not open for further replies.