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    Master_Artificer Council App

    Discussion in 'Applications' started by Robowl, May 5, 2016.

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    1. Robowl

      Robowl Master Owl

      Jan 3, 1970
      Username Master_Artificer

      Responses in this application will be posted publicly in a voting thread.

      Timezone (GMT): -5:00

      How much time are you able to commit to being on the council per week? 20 hours or more
      I will have a 40 hour work week, I can commit at a minimum of 2 hours a day, with times between 10am and 6pm EST being inconvenient to contact me.
      Fathers Day I will be going camping for the weekend.
      College starts up again in the second week of September.

      How long have you been playing StarMade? First heard of the game in fall of 2013 when I saw Scott Manley play the game. Dropped the game after a month, but downloaded it again when I saw the game trailer in late 2014/early 2015. Joined the forums after I discovered the faction scene.

      What’s your playstyle in StarMade? I would like to think of myself as a good builder, with a keen eye for detail. I play on servers for PVP as part of a faction and have participated in events like Blood and Steel.

      What are some qualities you think you posses that would make you a good council member? I work well in teams, and after sitting around on the forums loafing off, I feel like I should be contributing in a more useful way. I understand how the game works (most of the time, but people continue to surprise me), and I know my way around the game configs.
      I like to stay informed, and with whatever I am interested in at the time I will scour for every scrap of information I can get my hand on, then compile and process it. Whether this be Wikipedia binges, ordering scientific journals online, or compulsively checking news sites for any updates on a breaking story, I am on it. Learning about things that peak your interest is one of the most interesting and fulfilling things you can do in my opinion.

      Other attributes that would make me qualified as a council member is the fact that I am a ENTP personality type, also known as the "debater". I am great for bouncing ideas off of, once I feel like I know enough of the topic to give constructive responses. I also like to play "devils advocate" with a lot of issues, looking at them from both sides before making my mind up about something. I am an Idealist and a dreamer, I like to think big and I have high hopes of things.

      What are some of your weaknesses? Some of my weaknesses is biting off more than I can chew. Paying too much attention to detail when building and becoming burnt out about it. I am on the Autism Spectrum as 'High Functioning' but don't really need any types of medication for it. I find it difficult to read people in social situation and can be obvious to social clues/signals at times, while reading too much into meaningless gestures and confusing them with said signals. However it is relatively minor, I had not been diagnosed with being on the spectrum until I was out of high school because I had learned to cope with what I had thought as being normal all my life.

      What motivates you to become a council member? Knowing that I could assist this little space game in uplifting it to be a well known title means a lot. I would like to take suggestions of game balance in terms of offense and defense and offer little tweaks to Lancake as a more short term project. I would also be more than willing to assist in the reaction of biomes for the game, both macro and micro in scale, in the formation and function of solar systems and galaxies in this game.

      Anther ambitious approach I would like to partake in is a long term project in finding ways to incorporate 4x and RTS elements into starmade and to draw interest from the playerbase of those games into starmade. Eventually work to fitting in grand strategy tools and other elements; possibly to compete with studios like Paradox with starmade.
      These are reasons why I would like to become a council member, if even for only a single term. To find out how being a councilor works, what they do and look for, and how I can use my enthusiasm in the game, astronomy, planetary sciences, strategy titles, and spaceships into making this game from potential to product.

      How do you contribute to the community currently? I contribute sporadically on the forums, most often in the General Discussion or the Factions tab. I used to spend most of my time in the suggestions tab mulling over economy and world building threads, but because we haven't seen anything related to those released in a patch I have become disheartened and stagnated with that thread. I do plenty of building in the NDF build server, as well as extensive testing of armor and weapon designs. When people ask for advice on armor designs in starmade, I am the one to help.

      All warnings, active or inactive will be posted on your application.
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