Malin Roi Pistol Duels, Now happening


    Jan 24, 2014
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    Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. This is CES of the Malin Roi.

    To celebrate the creation of our new base, we plan to host another multifaction competition and diplomatic meeting. By the end of next week or around that time, our home base will be prepared to host diplomats and those simply wanting to shoot someone. This event will be charged for participants not a leader of a faction or a faction co-leader for 1mil credits. A respawn station and storages will be provided. There will be a large diplomatic area and an arena, which I may post teaser screenshots of.... The location of our new base will not be revealed yet and the exact date and time will be worked out depending on the conveniences of those wishing to take part. This will serve as a way to meet between Odium and Concord leaders in a neutral setting. Server is illusive. Post below if you are interested or have a question.

    News: In response to someone calling my small arena small, I am now making 2 new arenas: A hardcore ish Lava arena and a Fortress or water arena.

    Update: It will take place next Saturday at 2:00 PM (Anchorage, Alaska time). Location is the Malin Roi homebase at 13,20,7. Also, the arena is finished, with vantage points, nearby redrawn and over 50 Yholes!


    The shooting will be a free-for-all in a large central area with several vantage points and structures. All people are welcome, but will be locked in the Yhole Room or repeatedly slain if their behavior is subpar. Any persons not leading a faction will be charged 1 million credits for entry into the meeting or duels. If you are unable to pay and attempt entry, you will be slain repeatedly and in an enjoyable (For me) fashion. Payment will also be accepted in half a million Yholes, because I like them.

    CES, Malin Seignur of the Malin Roi.