Malin Roi (Mercenary faction recruiting now, apply today!)


    Jan 24, 2014
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    Malin Roi

    We have been accepted into the Genesis Protocol of the Athanos Concord, and plan to expand rapidly with their support. We will be working with Claru to grow the faction.

    Welcome to Malin Roi, the top provider of elite and professional StarMade services. We are here to perform jobs for factions, to help progress the StarMade universe, and most importantly, to turn a profit.We operate on Illusive.

    "Instead of doing it yourself, why not pay us to do it better?"

    We are the Malin Roi, lead by the Malin Seigneur: CES. We partake in a (generally) politically neutral stance in the universe, instead preferring to turn a profit through both civil, offensive, and defensive services. Any violent actions we take are (mostly) out of necessity, logic, or because someone else is paying us to do so.

    Q: What services do we provide?
    A: A number, actually.

    Malin Roi Services:

    1) Mercenary Contracts
    Need someone taken out? A faction getting on your nerves? Someone blockading your planets? Or do you just not like someone? Well, thanks to the Malin Roi, you no longer have to worry about that! Just give us a call, let us know who you need dealt with, and we can surely work out a contract! (given that you have the credits or ore to pay us) If we are acting as the middleman in an associate contract, we will take a percentage of the transaction for connecting Mr. A to Mr. B. The percentage may vary.

    2) Banking
    Have some ore? Need it kept safe? Well luckily for you, we keep a nice big vault on our station! Whether it be a ship, a bunch of L5 ore, or just a place to stay, pay us the right amount on the right times, and we'll keep your stuff safe! We also offer loans.

    3) Information Services
    Are you worried someone is building a titan, but you're too scared or ill-equipped to get near there? Do you need a faction infiltrated? Well luckily for you, the Malin Roi are just the clever men to get what you need (for a price)!

    Q: What are the ranks
    A: The Malin Roi runs off of a fairly simplistic but well-defined set of ranks.

    Rank 1 Associate: Not a real part of the faction but just an outsourced person.

    Rank 2 Member: Can edit and is part of the faction. Entry level.

    Rank 3 Qualified Man or Woman: Can lead and initiate operations with approval.

    Rank 4 Baron: Approves operations and can work on secret projects.

    Every member can also play a few of the following roles.

    Advisor: Brings information so that we can store and obtain it.

    Mercenary: Partakes in politically neutral warfare against whoever he is hired to pay.

    Agent: High-Level mercs who work solo to perform elite tasks.

    Commander: Helps keep things organized and running smoothly.

    Q: What other policies do you have?
    A: Quite a few, actually.

    1) Damage Return Policy: If the Malin Roi attack a base outside of contracts, as in our own accord and for our own purposes, and for all intents and purposes fail to destroy or neutralize the base, we will return the damages we did as fair reward for defending the attack.

    2) Anti-Griefing Policy: Any members of the Malin Roi caught griefing will have a bounty placed on their head.

    3) A faction is a terrible thing to waste: We will not attack major factions unless an associate does, and we do not take responsibility for their actions.

    4) Contract Privacy Policy: We will not, under any means, announce who we perform contracts for, except if given permission by CES himself. Anyone leaking this information will have a bounty placed on them.

    5) Not our problem: Any actions taken by associates is not the problem of the rest of the faction- We're just the messenger.

    Q: How do I join?
    A: Simple, just fill out an application!

    Q: What are some member benefits?

    A: One of many is that members can make and personalize their own areas. Also, anyone of Member rank or above is qualified to drive as big a ship as they can spawn- no worries about qualification or level.

    Application Form

    In-Game Name: _________________________

    Why I want to be part of the Malin Roi: ____________________________

    StarMade Experience: ________________________________ (Required)

    Short Info About Me: ________________________ (Be detailed, we need more than "I like ships and Starmade".)

    Associate List Application:


    Experience in Starmade_______

    If accepted, I will contact you in the event that there is a job suited for you.


    Jan 24, 2014
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    Working on it. Images seem not to be working so well. Any help you can offer?

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    I can post images (For a price! :p) Its simple really need it cropped? I dont do special effects or gifs though. (Those arent available to me)
    Jan 25, 2014
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    i like this idea, in fact this is exactly what i was looking for... i wonder if i can do it better? YES! PREPARE TO HAVE A BUISNESS COMPETITOR!!!!!


    Jan 24, 2014
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    Always liking some competition :)

    Let us prepare to wage all-out, utter buisness.