Looking back on another year of playing starmade (including bad ms paint crop)

    May 27, 2015
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    Well here we are again, another year of not realy playing starmade, but somehow i played 0,1 hours compared to last year. (ask steam how that happend)

    First the changes compared to last year:

    There have been no offical anouncements on the news page.


    BUT if you checked in on the discord you will find pinned comments detailing all you need to know about the current development.
    For general ease duke did put a good summary out of the latest of the latest, and i am happy he keeps taps on things:


    Wich brings us right up the next point: Modding.
    Thx to starloader and people who can do hacker magic, there are things in the works but my personal highlight is: THE TOILET


    Credit goes to JakeVanV for posting this piece of art on the discord.

    Moving on the the player base:


    on the good news: we still have players, and its still over half of that from last year, we should be able to fill an entire server and some more to boot.
    Speaking of servers:


    well, the french are still around, wich is nice. and i am drawn towards the NSFW Zone starmade server for some reason.
    Jep, im gonna go for the NSFW zone later. Dips on the unsecured ladder next to the oil spill.

    Reviews.. pretty much unchanged, considering modding hasnt taken off yet.


    I am sure the universe update will brighten things up a bit, if schema gets a break from keeping himself afloat with work.

    I am wondering what he was up to lately, what secret project could be hidden in the dark.


    So jhea, nothing magical happend, sorry. as always cheers mates and see you next year after the all fix patch coming SOON

    PS: I realy layed off the salt on this one, year was clearly not what it was soposed to be, if you find spelling mistakes and so on.. keep them.

    TLDR: no bad news, toilets and alot of cropped jpegs.