Logic Based Target Prioritization


    Nov 11, 2013
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    **doesnt actually use logic blocks...**

    A universal AI target prioritization update would be swell.

    Might be too complex for BOBBY but would like to see a more complete target prioritization screen, perhaps similar to power priorities, that is not dependent on ship/station type or weapons being used and is divided into logic categories i.e. IF, OR, AND, NOT, etc.... Might even be per ship design rather than AI, so any AI could control a ship/turret as it's intended to be and not how they are (talking about crew here). The AI would check the priority list before using any applicable weapon/system as situations arise. AI profiles could be saved and loaded into crew/bobby for easier use... probably have a timer on it like resetting thrusters.

    - mass greater/less than own
    - mass greater/less than host (intended for turrets)
    - mass greater/less than ???
    - speed greater/less than ???
    - distance greater/less than ???
    - shields greater/less than (percentage and/or amount)
    - systems % greater/less than ??? (green health bar)
    - individual systems % greater/less than ??? (thrusters disabled, etc)
    - contains ??? ore
    - cargo contains ???
    - cargo amount greater/less than ???
    - is/isnt missile
    - is/isnt astronaut
    - is/isnt asteroid
    - is/isnt planet/fragment
    - is/isnt ship
    - is/isnt station
    - is/isnt turret
    - is/isnt docked
    - is/isnt using ??? system (jump inhibitors, or support systems for example)
    - shield/hull resistance is em/therm/kin
    - shield/hull resistance is more/less ??? %

    Think of other useful criteria?
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