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    LOD Storage Block Idea

    Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Lone_Puppy, Mar 24, 2019.

    1. Lone_Puppy

      Lone_Puppy Me, myself and I.

      Mar 12, 2015
      Hi Schine / schema ,

      This morning while driving to work, I was thinking about equipment item manufacture and storage systems when I had the following ideas.

      The main idea, is converting the existing storage block to a LOD block. The purpose of this is to create a block with a window to let us see the contents. Or at least, the first item of it's contents.

      This storage block would be handy for quickly identifying what's in the storage, in the case of factories and shops. Would also add a decorative feature to physical shops.

      One main I was personally looking for was a way to have a visible armory in my ships and stations, where I would be able to have the items visible.

      Utility cabinets with other equipment would be sweet also, like Helmets, Flashlights, Torches, Repair Tools etc.

      It this is too complicated, then a simple flat texture image would be just as sweet.

      -- Summary --

      • LOD or multi-textured block for Storage
      • Display the first item of the contents
      • Useful for factory and shop display
      • Handy for Armery, Utility and other equipment display in appropriate areas of ships/stations

      On a separate note, it would be cool if Factories could also be like this. So you could see what's being manufactured.
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