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    Linux and OSX users needed

    Discussion in 'Schine!' started by Lancake, Jun 22, 2016.

    1. Tsnonak

      Tsnonak Let's_Kautsch!

      Dec 14, 2014
      seen this?


      Not sure if it helps, thought I would just post it...
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    2. Lord DarkSide

      Jul 22, 2019
      Yip that i mean with i found some TUTs. ;-)
      But i have some matter with that.
      Ja das hab ich ja gefunden, aber da ich nur rudimentäre Linux Command Kenntnisse habe und noch am lernen bin.
      Hab ich damit noch etwas probleme. :(:mad:
      Darum fragte ich ja wegen einem installbashscrip.
    3. Valck

      Jun 27, 2013
      You need to have java, wget and unzip installed, the way to do that varies depending on your distro; I'm using Gentoo where it looks like this:
      # emerge -tav icedtea wget unzip
      Other distros may have a different incantation ("apt-get" for example), but the general idea is the same. "icedtea" is one "java package" if you will, others might be called "openjdk" or "oracle-jdk-bin". Any of them should do.
      The "#" character at the start of a line indicates the command needs to be run as root, a "$" means it should be run as a standard user; you don't (actually mustn't) type them in.

      Once the dependencies are in place,
      $ export SMDIR=$HOME/games/starmade/latest
      $ export SMBUILD=starmade-build_20190824_121745.zip
      $ mkdir -p $SMDIR
      $ cd $SMDIR
      $ wget http://files.star-made.org/build/dev/$SMBUILD
      $ unzip $SMBUILD
      $ java -jar StarMade.jar -force
      should do the trick.

      Tthe next time you want to run the game, you only need
      $ cd $HOME/games/starmade/latest; java -jar StarMade.jar -force
    4. Lord DarkSide

      Jul 22, 2019
      Thx for that hint, ill try that.
      I use linuxmint 19.x (relase), Java,pyton and so are installed, that are my try and learn system.
      With LAMP Server and many more. ;-)
      #24 Lord DarkSide, Sep 12, 2019
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    5. klawxx

      klawxx Product Manager - Roden Shipyards

      Jan 5, 2016
      Or you could just install the steam client and open StarMade trough it. saves a lot of trouble. Using the built in java is also 10x better on game performance.

      PS: I also run on Mint (Cinnamon 18.2) on my machine at work. At home I use an Windows 7, the last usable Windows version.
      IMO, Windows 10 is just an big F**** spyware. MAC-OS on the other end is a Linux without any benefit. The best thing you can do on any mac is just remove and install any flavor of Linux.
      #25 klawxx, Sep 13, 2019
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    6. Lord DarkSide

      Jul 22, 2019
      Ok thx 4 that hint.

      MicroDUMP will be stop the win7 support.
      I'll use both, Mint 19.x stable relase and WinSUX 10.