Into exile, I must go. Failed, I have.

    Jul 3, 2013
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    This is a message to anyone who hates me, insults me, doesn't care about what I do, and anyone who is a spy in my faction.

    I'm now practically unwanted in the community. Why? Because of the Mutiny War. It is still going on, all because of ridik. The word "Mutiny" isn't there for a reason. ridik_ulass has sent spies into everyone's faction except for those he is allied with. He plans to cripple them on the inside. I'm the first target. What have I done to him? Nothing. So why does he do it? For entertainment. This I find to be very, very unexcusable, and I cannot do anything to stop it. Not unless I kick all those who I do not trust. The only way I can stop is according to him is for me to admit to defeat. This just puts the cherry on top on my stone cold ice cream of stress. I have many things besides the forums in real life that are bothering me. I have to take care of my ill grandmother. I have an F in algebra because I've been sick for a month and none of that work has been excused. I have to work at my job where I have to deal with my boss constantly telling me to do better, and pay money not only for my private server, but for my bills as well. I bought a private server so I could stay out of all warfare and just enjoy myself with what I thought was my "loyal" community of people in the Rebel Alliance. I'm not there to hide from anyone. I'm only there to prevent violence and unrest in the community. I'm very clever to own a private server where we enjoy ourselves and hope for no threats. The community doesn't appreciate my appearance anymore. My faction just wants to enjoy themselves without taunts, insults, and threats. If you take a good look at what I'm saying, I hope you understand this. As to my spies, why did ridik_ulass hire you? What did you get in return? Why do you betray me after all I've done for the server and faction? I'm stuck between two options here: Admit to defeat and never return on the forums again, or convince all the spies to rethink about everything and not obey ridik. If you understood, then you would know that this is wrong.

    But now, I have been defeated and ridik has won. Now enjoy yourselves and don't even chat with me again.


    Oh, the irony of locking this thread.