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    /initiate wave command not working

    Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Justworm, Apr 1, 2014.

    1. Justworm

      Sep 12, 2013
      Whenever i try to use the /initiate wave command 5 20, the command works, because i get no message saying that the command is wrong, yet there are no pirates spawning. Is there someway to fix this because i really want to test the turrets on my spacestation.
    2. ltmauve

      Aug 28, 2013
      If you are getting a \"Error\"initiate\" command not recognized\" that means you need to put /initiate_wave
    3. SpaceChief

      Jun 28, 2013
      Justworm just said there\'s no error.

      That happened to me too, my game instance forgot that I wanted everything in the catalog available. Try the following: run the launcher, click \"start dedicated server\". Then start another instance of the launcher, click Tools, then StarMote Remote Tool. Add a connection to localhost, port 4242. Click Connect, click the catalog tab, then check the \"enemy\" checkbox for every ship you want as a pirate. Click OK, then shutdown the dedicated server. Run the game as normal try /initiate_wave again.