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    Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Zovc, Apr 2, 2014.

    1. Zovc

      Jul 11, 2013
      Lets get some info set out first of all.

      Some players like to go solo, in multi player. Im that kind of person. I go in multiplayer so I dont cheat in my resources, so I can talk, and buy and sell with people. I like to be rich, buy lots of stuff, and massive stations. My turrets are mainly decorations, like on a castle, with heavy cannons on towers, if players like me couldntbuild homebases for our building, factory business, then what do we do.

      Many player have trust issues, on this server I only trust maybe 3 people, and they are all solo people. If I can not build 200k block station, currently im making a city station, a battle arena and a hanger, with a "patrol boat" ship, high speed, light weapons, 10k block max. 4 turrets. Then my salvage ship for a salvaging planets, stations, guns to kill ships to salvage ships, and my turret carrier. I want it to have 20 turrets, but if I cant protect 29 things going solo, what can I do. Im on 4 hours a day max usually. If I cant have all that protected while im gone, then im in trouble.

      War dog, im using this to debate against you somewhat.

      So my idea is that with credits you can purchase slots

      Home base slot: one free 100 000 block slot.

      Home base slots, only 1 can be active: 200 000 block slot costs 100mil credits, 1 000 000 block slot costs 1 billion credits, expansion 10 000 blocks costs 10mil and can stack.

      So I pay 1bil for 1mil blocks on homebase, but that not enough, I buy 100 expansion packs for another bil blocks and credits.

      Home base protection slots: start out 2 free 50mass slots. You can pay for 1000 mass, for 10mil, 10 000 mass for 100mil, and 1mil massfor 1bil credits. You can buy 1 use packs to upgrade slot, maybe 100 mass for a mill.

      Homebase turret protection slots: only 1 type, 200 mass, so safe turrets are only 2000 blocks max, but you can buy alot of these.

      Of course thisis only for protection, you can faction ships and stations all you want. If you have no open slots it wint let you dock, or undocks turrets on you.

      Navigation: navigation gets cluttered, so why not advance it. If 10 turrets are on 1 ship, they are filed into 1 and you can click on them to see the list. Asteroids would be in 1 column. Just 2 avoid turret clutter, asteroid field clutter
    2. 22SAS_Wimp

      Oct 15, 2013
      Sometimes the screen gets full of icons over ship cores (especially of turrets), so some way to decide which appear on your HUD and which don\'t would be nice.
    3. Zovc

      Jul 11, 2013
      That to, and accidentaldouble post sorry