HYtech Industries shipyard (re-post)

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      (this is my second attempt at getting the images to work)

      So, I’ve been working on some ships for my shipyard! I’m new, so I don’t really have the hang of detailing yet, but these are a few of my ships from the past week or so.

      NOTE: once download links are up, please be aware that all downloadable versions of these vessels will not have Hykqin insignia or registry numbers. This is to allow downloader customization. Your faction’s insignia can be put on the vessel at your request, and we’ll send you a special download link to the customized version.
      Above is the HYK-3304 Tantalus Class Cruiser. It’s about 70-80 meters long, and has a large hangar bay at the front, as well as underside turrets, and bow-mounted turrets. This ship’s primary role is defending Federation installations, escorting larger vessels, and executing border patrols.

      And this one is the HYK-218 Icarus class light cargo transport. It’s a small ship at around 60-70 meters long, and it’s carries a hangar bay for a small shuttle or mining drone. It’s not really designed for combat, it’s main role being interstellar transport of mining equipment. This class will probably be decommissioned in the near future as newer, more powerful ships phase it out.

      More will be coming soon when I get more screenshots.
      (HYK denotes the Hykqin Federation (my faction) registry number)

      Edit: All ships currently depicted are on v 0.199.132a, and use the old power system. They may be refitted for the new version in the future, but for now all ships for new versions will be specially denoted by an N added to the registry number (ex: HYK-N 4566)

      starmade-screenshot-0000.png starmade-screenshot-0002.png starmade-screenshot-0003.png
      the HYK-N 35516 Vulcan Class Command Vessel. (270 meters long, 50 meters tall, 70 meters wide. Dual side-mount hangar bays, forward cargo space, multiple living quarters, fully stocked Engineering section. 5 docking rails for shuttles, multiple dual-barrel independent rotation AEGIS turrets [cannon-cannon], four escape pods) it’s main role is transport of mining equipment, fighters, materials and crew, combat, and system defense. (turrets and KINETiC Cannons under construction) This ship was able to hold its own against twenty Trade Guild vessels for about ten minutes, long enough to repair the weapons and fire up the Jump Drive (even though the bottom had three huge holes blown through it, the reactors had a huge hole blown through them, and the shields had been sliced in half, it still survived and was operational enough to return to my starbase). with turrets, it will definitely last longer.
      also, it has the official Hykqin Federation insignia on the side. (Hull decoration, weapons systems, and internal compartments are work in progress.)
      Like most Hykqin vessels, the inside of the Vulcan is very dim, lit by low-energy sunset orange lighting systems. The Hykqin are a nocturnal species, so the dusk-like lighting conditions created by the light systems are perfect for them, and give the halls a dim yellow-orange glow. (While the Hykqin have photosynthetic hair, they tend to sleep during the day. This is because photosynthesis works better if the user isn’t moving much. To combat predators while they sleep, they have evolved a strong neurotoxin in their blood that can paralyze predators.)
      Docking rails in the hangar wings and bow compartment automatically retract ships into the hangar area, or pull fighters to the edge of the hangar for easy deployment. It’s a little blocky, but I couldn’t get the hangar size I needed to store multiple PHAGE drill rigs (WIP Hykqin mining vessels based on bacteriophages) without a wide rectangular cargo bay area.
      Redundant shield units allow two bubble shields, one inside the other, for a more optimal shield efficiency.


      starmade-screenshot-0011.png Charon class stealth destroyer (completed and awaiting screenshots.)
      The Charon class is designed for escorting larger vessels, offensive operations, and defensive operations. It’s relatively quick, and has a powerful set of onboard weapons. Known issues are that the weapons can draw more power than the reactor can provide, but this issue is limited to the tertiary Cannon array. The Charon features two turrets, as well as a docking port on the upper side of the hull. This vessel is unique in the Hykqin fleet in that it breaks the yellow-grey color scheme that most Hykqin starships sport, that it has no cockpit (being controlled from a heavily armored control room inside the ship), and that it’s drives are located in an armored internal compartment, protecting them from being targeted easily. The ship has minimal color, sticking to a mostly monochrome paint scheme to help it blend in to the void. It sports two large missile arrays, two sets of Cannon arrays, and a large beam weapon system in the bow. The Charon class wastes no room on interior space, with most of its interior being composed of reactors and stabilizers. It is equipped with minelaying systems. It’s capable of fighting a pirate station and surviving (it took a lot of exterior damage but was still fully operational, and was able to be repaired quickly since most damage was limited to the armor wings and lower hull.)

      Hermes class light frieghter (Civillian model)
      A small civilian freighter designed for short distance transportation. The Hermes has no weapons, and is solely designed for RP and player transportation.

      Under Construction:
      Hades class missile frigate:
      A scaled up version of the Charon, this vessel sports over ten missile tubes, each armed with heat seeking capability. This vessel boasts a powerful shield system and drive unit. This ship’s main purpose is war, and it’s built to do its job and do it well. The hull is available in Both a monochrome color scheme and the classic Yellow-grey hykqin color scheme. It has four Cannon turrets, and a minelayer system.

      Perseus Class Marauder:
      A medium sized vessel designed to run blockades, raid bases, and defend planetary installations. This vessel is unique in the Hykqin fleet as one of the only vessels that is taller than it is long. This vessel is incapable of planetary landing, but can be made to hover just inside an atmosphere. It has four side-mounted turrets, and is able to dock to most Hykqin stations.

      Hermes class light freighter (military model)
      A military variant of the Hermes. This vessel has two missile pods instead of two of the four cargo pods, and a standard yellow-grey paint scheme. The Hermes Military variant lacks the four stabilization prongs the civilian model has, instead having reverse facing stabilization prongs. The new jump stabilization prongs setup allows docking to most large Hykqin military ships and installations.

      PHAGE Manned Drillship
      A mining ship designed for asteroid or planet harvesting. Based off a bacteriophage Virus.

      Typhoon class fighter
      Standard hykqin fighter. Designed for combat and short-range miner escort.

      Zephyr class planetary shuttle
      A small shuttle designed to dock to larger hykqin ships. Designed to ferry crew between ships and planet surfaces, as well as NPC station docking pads.

      Aeneas class scout
      A standard personal transport given to new members of the Federation. can be customized with different color variants. Designed for personal transport and exploration.

      Hyka class Dimensional Research Vessel
      One of the few ships from SeptaNet, the universe the Hykqin are from, that can reach this universe safely. These vessels are flying laboratories, designed to research the physics of alternate realities. These ships aren’t very fast, and are lightly armed. They’re a fairly uncommon vessel, and aren’t officially under Hykqin Federation jurisdiction, as they belong to the SeptaNet Hykqin Federation.
      (SeptaNet is a simulated universe created by humanity in the year 4552 as a way to escape the post-nuclear horror of WWIII. It evolved into it’s own distinct reality after gaining enough data to become independent of its processing core on Earth’s moon. The Hykqin are one of the many species that inhabit it)

      Athena class superfrigate: a military vessel with massive cannon arrays

      Eris Class Infiltrator: a relatively small stealth vessel designed to infiltrate enemy space, damage critical infrastructure, and get out alive. Designed with no faction block or insignia to prevent recognition as a Hykqin vessel.
      Long term projects:

      ATHENS class starbase
      A medium sized weigh-station. Designed for installation in deep space for cargo transfer and defense. Crew space for 5 players.

      WASHINGTON class starbase
      A large starbase with at least two large docking manifolds. This base has extensive weapons systems, astrotech repair systems, and crew space for 15. Designed for deployment near Hykqin controlled planets or asteroid belts.

      HYK-4552 Argus (110 meters long, waiting for refit for new reactors.) it’s main role is combat and border defense.
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      Looks industrial and for a newbie they're pretty decent compared to other newcomer builds.
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      I like the look of the ships, for a newcomer these aren't bad at all.
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      Looks great so far, well done!
      I also enjoy the "Industrial" look!
      Might want to reconsider the "class naming convention"... Destroyers are usually "War-ships" and are generally a little larger...
      I use the "TS, TP, PT" classes from the X-series for Transports in my naming convention. ;)
      Look forward to seeing more of your builds, uploading blueprints to the CC (community content) section is an option for sharing!
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      I actually decided to reclassify the Icarus as a light cargo hauler after seeing this, so thanks for bringing the need for reclassification to my attention!
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      Oct 29, 2018
      HYtech Industries is now producing a second line of vessels separate from the Hykqin vessels. The new Evya Series vessels are designed for combat and maneuverability, with little space spared for interior RP space (unfortunately in order to get the systems to be powerful enough to do what I want, I had to fill the inside of the ship nearly completely with reactor equipment, so there’s no room for rooms.)

      Most large Evya vessels are ringships, with large weapons systems integrated into a massive ring-section housing the ship’s Transit Jump Drive (Lore). Evya vessels don’t have a bridge structure like most Hykqin vessels, instead having an internal command node hidden behind layers of hull plating. While the prototype Evya Heavy Cruiser isn’t very powerful on its own, production models will be capable of dealing serious damage, all while retaining superior shielding, maneuverability, and a sleek hull shape. Due to advanced automation systems (lore), Evya vessels can be run on a skeleton crew of only the Captain, reducing resources lost if the vessel is destroyed.
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