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    Sep 4, 2014
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    In order to maintain a clean, friendly, and safe community environment we require that all companies that wish to advertise their services for StarMade Server Hosting first go through an application process that will be reviewed by the Administration and Staff of StarMadeDock.

    We do this to help keep spam and fraud away from our users and community as much as possible (because let's be honest guys, I know that when I go looking for a server host I want a server host, not wasted money for poor to no service)

    We take honesty and accountability very seriously, and as such we expect the same honesty and accountability from the businesses that wish to advertise their StarMade Hosting Capabilities. These businesses are what keep this wonderful game going and make it even more amazing and spectacular by giving their customers an oppertunity to play StarMade with their friends, be it a large community or a small group.

    I, personally, thank each and every Hosting Company that allows StarMade on their servers and advertises as such. The Staff of these forums promise to treat you with the upmost respect if you shall do the same for us.

    With that, if you are a business that wishes to advertise their StarMade Hosting capabilities, please fill out the following form. Please read the forward carefully, as it describes how we handle applications and the requirements that need to be met in order to be approved for advertising. We've tried to make this as simple and painless as possible.

    Click Here to Fill out the StarMade Server Host Application Form
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