How can you claim a wormhole system?

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    Have you tried building a station in a wormhole sector?

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    1. Xpertice

      Jan 28, 2018

      I am well aware that NPC claiming is done spontaneously and in bulk (hence the fact there's no station claiming this system for the Scavs) when a new game is created and over time as stations are built in different systems (I have yet to see this in action, and I have no idea how that's fair for an NPC faction to have an incomprehensible amount more manpower than any player or faction) but how can a wormhole system be claimed?

      Has anyone besides me ever tried building a station in a wormhole system, and failed? And is it even possible? I'd say that it would be the ultimate way to protect your base... as well as a way to get ships to much higher speeds exiting your station, allowing for travel speeds potentially higher, with far easy setup and less upkeep, than warp gates! (Although you can get all of these benefits just by being close enough to a wormhole system)

      No TL;DR as it would heavily detract from the point.


      it leads to a wormhole system claimed by the Outcasts... seriously, how? which also has no stations claiming it
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    2. Ryuusei

      Mar 14, 2017
      Not sure if it is possible, but you may have to use what i call an "escape pod" ship (core, 1 reactor, 1 thruster) and slowly inch your way into the wormhole system until you get to a point you want (preferably a sector or 2 in) and build your station.

      I think the real challenge would be making sure there were walls in the station to prevent your astronaut from getting pulled into the wormhole's gravity well (if it affects astronauts).

      I would need to check this all out once i get home. At work right now.
    3. Sachys

      Sachys Hermit.

      Nov 30, 2015
      While in the gravity of a station (ie hitting the gravity block) the wormhole does not affect you (unless anything has changed in the last 6 months). Getting too far from said station usually changes the gravity to the wormhole. Merely being alligned to the station is not enough.

      To the OP: the only way ive successfully done this is to spawn from a BP and use the map to continually jump back to the station until i could dock and claim the system etc.
      building in the sector was far too messy.

      I know Jacemachine (not sure how thats spelled) did a bunch of setup youtube videos with this theme too. you may want to check them, though now theyll be a couple of years old.

      Edit: also worth thinking on is player desync issues if you get visitors / have people in your faction.
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    4. MConlisk

      Jan 17, 2015
      This is how I did it. I exported a planet sector, imported that sector and admin warped on and off. But I'm not sure if I had god_mode on or not.

      I imagine that if you put a station near it you could setup a teleport to and from the planet.

      Edit: I did it again and took some pictures
      starmade-screenshot-0056.png starmade-screenshot-0058.png starmade-screenshot-0063.png starmade-screenshot-0065.png
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    5. Xpertice

      Jan 28, 2018
      I would think the gravity chambers would help with this, especially when you can just bing in a blueprint with some active gravity chambers and then WHAMMO! No need to struggle putting the build block or gravity units in. Best part, pirates and most players couldn't get to your base and your turrets could get potshots off on the ships. I've got to try this on a larger scale, this is almost too good to be true.
    6. Byamarro

      Sep 4, 2013
      I've did it once. I've just used build mode.
    7. OfficialCoding

      OfficialCoding Currently Fleet Building

      Nov 8, 2017
      I'm gonna have to try this. I had an idea for a wormhole station but I never built it.
    8. Lone_Puppy

      Lone_Puppy Me, myself and I.

      Mar 12, 2015
      Once upon a time I think you could use a Stop Effect.

      All I use to do is spawn a station in the system, use the transporter to get onto it, then claim the system. If they remove the ability to spawn a station, then that will not work in future. But for now, you should be fine. I wonder if Systems will work the same in the new universe.