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    Hotkey Activation Block [logic]

    Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MilitantCollective, Jan 10, 2019.

    1. MilitantCollective

      MilitantCollective Ares Initiative Dev

      Dec 12, 2016
      A logic block that can have keys assigned to it which allows it to activate on key press.

      Example: I assigned the W key to this block. So everytime I press the forward key it will activate the logic. This would allow the creation of moving ship parts when people take off, land, fire a weapon, etc.

      So many uses theyre unnamable
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    2. aceface

      Jun 20, 2013
      I think a better approach would be to enable custom keybindings to any innership remotes in the weapons tab.
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    3. NeonSturm

      NeonSturm StormMaker

      Dec 31, 2013
      I like double-binding of W for example.

      Perhaps Schema allows us to select thruster groups for forward/backward/thrust-pulse/...
      And allow us to define hotkeys not via settings but logic itself.

      Speaking about logic, a side note: A hidden-dimension chunk which loads first and contains ship logic blocks for handling ship-global hotkeys, ship behaviour and other things so that every ship can use default or own hotkeys.