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    hi! I'm very very new!!

    Discussion in 'Introduce yourself' started by Arulane, Mar 31, 2014.

    1. Arulane

      Mar 31, 2014
      Hi! I'm Arulane ( or arulane, if a game gives me a name from my email) in most games I play, although for Star Trek Online I changed it to Ar'lane to be a Klingon. I play a lot of Star Conflict and LOTRO, but I just don't always have the energy to play either of those or even something much tamer. So I've been looking for games that will make me use my imagination, and this one combines my interest in space with the oppurtunity to use that imagination in ways that I hope will be pleasing as well as useful. I've never really done this type of a game before, except very recently, so I'm very new not just to the game, but to this type of gaming.

      I'm older (and you'd have to know me better to find out just how old) and my health doesn't allow me to work, so keeping my mind busy is important to me for a number of reasons, and since I won't buy cable, that leaves reading and games. Hope to get to know the game and you all a lot better. : )
    2. CyberTao

      CyberTao 鬼佬

      Nov 10, 2013
      Being a Sandbox game, Starmade is one of those games where \"you make your Own Fun\", So make sure to find a few friends and think outside the box (literally o -o Cubism is a sin)

      Big updates on the way, a couple Memes, a Fan-fic writer and a if you can sort through the chaos of the Public chat, many talented Builders who\'d make you gape in awe o Ao Welcome to Starmade
    3. Zyrr

      Zyrr Chronic Troublemaker

      Jun 23, 2013
      Welcome to StarMade!

      I +1 everything that Cyber said.

      Also, if you wish to live, stay away from Public Chat and factions. Things get complicated and very bloody.
    4. Crusade

      May 26, 2013
      Hello there, and welcome to the community! :)
    5. BearishMushroom

      BearishMushroom Modshroom

      Sep 16, 2013
      Hello and welcome, Arulane. I hope you enjoy your time in the StarMade community!
    6. Zeveryn

      Zeveryn The Devious Traitor

      Jun 21, 2013
      As co owner of Illusive server, Admiral in Tartaran Empire, PR Admin in Accord Gaming Community. Welcome! Hope we can provide you with alot of fun and hope you enjoy the voxel gaming genre.
    7. testkil

      Jun 20, 2013