Hello Again 2023!

    Oct 24, 2013
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    It has been a while.

    Long and short, I've had the itch to play StarMade again, after many years.

    Old hosts are long gone, most of the community is playing singleplayer it seems if they still play at all.

    So, figured I would do something about it.

    If you do not remember me, that is perfectly fine, but for those who do I used to be one of the supporting folks behind running the Illusive UK server.

    I own my own hardware now, and am rather proud to host a Starmade server on it for whomever may want to play. It will not be whitelisted, open to the public, and available for anyone who wants to play, oldschool style. I am not accepting applications to get in, community is not large enough to warrant that anymore. Server is privately hosted, and I will be keeping it up to the best of my ability, for the foreseeable future. If people play, it will stay up. If they do not, it will still stay up.

    If you are interested, drop a line here, or check us out in the server list (once I figure out how to make that work, these days.)

    We are all inclusive, all ages, all everything really. Only thing that would get you banned would be hate speech honestly. Play, Do RP, don't do RP, the world's yours to make your fun in.

    No mods, unless people really, really want them.

    I really look forward to some people playing again!
    Nov 14, 2023
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    Would love a server. i also just recently got the itch to play starmade again. i forgot my old account so i made a new one. But please do hmu when and if you decide to make this thought a reality