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    Jan 3, 1970
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    Username Haymancay

    Responses in this application will be posted publicly in a voting thread.

    Timezone (GMT): UTC+10:00

    How much time are you able to commit to being on the council per week? In my opinion I can dedicate 20 hours or more to the council every week.

    How long have you been playing StarMade? 5 Months.

    What’s your playstyle in StarMade? Single player, I first make a mining ship which I then head out to mine, after I require a few of what I need I then sell them and create a ship strong enough to take down a low tier private station.

    What are some qualities you think you posses that would make you a good council member? I'm mature, I treat everyone equally with no difference and wish to help out in anyway possible. I'm active nearly all the time and are willingly to give hours to come up with ideas for the community and game itself.

    What are some of your weaknesses? Being attacked by 2 private stations at the same time, having a weak defense ship or without a shield.

    What motivates you to become a council member? I've liked Starmade for the months I've been playing and as this is a very rare chance to make something of myself I am rather serious of Starmade becoming even more of a large community.

    How do you contribute to the community currently? I currently just read post and forums looking around for anything of use.

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