GIF quality settings - How to get better moving pictures

    Mar 10, 2016
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    Some advice on how to achieve better results with the in-game GIF creator.


    In the "Settings.cfg" file within your main StarMade folder, you'll find the configs shown on the screenshot below:
    • Width and Height are set to 640 pixels by default, change both to the SAME desired size (the game will reduce the height based on your display's aspect ratio)
    • "FPS" is number of frames taken each second the GIF is recorded (better not increase that too much, to avoid video-like file sizes)
    • "GUI = false" can be changed to "true" if you want your image to show the hotbar, etc.
    • the "Quality" number is set to 3 by default, CHANGE THIS TO 1 (the higher the number, the lower the quality)


    You can create the kind of spinning GIFs shown below by doing this:
    • open the settings.cfg file
    • press Ctrl+F, type "orbital", hit enter
    • change the value of "ORBITAL_CAM_SPEED = 0.5" to 0.1 (to have a reasonable rotation speed when using the orbiting camera)
    • if the core of the ship, or starting block of the station, is in the middle length-wise, just shoot a GIF zoomed in as closely as possible without getting parts of the structure out of the frame
    • if the core/starting block isn't centralized, spawn a new ship core at a right position within the structure's interior, and use the orb cam from within that core (you can even spawn new cores inside filled spaces, by removing a few blocks, placing a rail, using the "Create Docking" tool, then jumping into the newly created entity via middle mouse button)
    • you can then upload the GIF directly to this site and attach it to posts just like still images
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