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    Draft for an Faction Coalition whose members each focus on one Theme [TBSC]

    Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JinM, Mar 29, 2019.

    1. JinM

      Jun 11, 2016
      Hey guys, I had an idea for an faction coalition/build challenge. Even though I might not find alot of interested people, I still think I will use it for myself. What do you think of the general idea and direction?

      The next idea is to add in lore guidelines. The problem is any guideline for lore makes it really hard for creators to live out their own creativity, making them feel limitted. But maybe it works because limitting tools can actually help creativity - I dont know I have to think about it.

      The biggest problem is, that talented builders in Starmade all want to follow individual styles. And I guess it starts and ends with this simple fact. But maybe the following guidelines can help one or another builder to make a coherent universe for himself. Feel free to use it! I would be glad if it helps someone.

      Draft for an Faction Coalition whose members each focus on one Theme

      Each faction is dedicated to build a set of stations and display ships from them (maybe even link to the cc-upload or sell them) within an own defined style.

      Its not about building very good, its about building with accessible ports, and within a theme that the faction defines for itself. For example faction A is making a "space human" theme. Faction B is making a "insect inside hive" theme.

      The goal is, that we occupy the universe of a server with publicly explorable stations; Identifyable by the coalitions tag in the factions name. Example: TBSC – Themed Build Style Coalition / Themed Build Style Challenge. Players can then filter server factions by the tag „tbsc“ and find alot of homebases worth visitting, as they know these stations try to keep up with a high standard for explorability, atmosphere and design patterns. - And that they know, if they use this ship with a certain size and dockers, that they can dock there immersively.

      Right now we would use alt-accounts to make each station of a faction use homebase protection. These sub factions would bear their main factions name in them.

      If a member faction gets fed up with one style it can introduce a new „race“ by making a new member faction. Additionally members could switch between member factions easily, as complying to a guideline makes helping out at "foreign" projects easier.

      The Faction Coalition dictates a general set of building rules, to make a coherent universe within the group:

      1. Each style has to think in „number of people that use the object“, and if you have alot of imaginary inhabitants, you must supply them with the necessary living space (example: at least beds+space toilets)
      2. Each object has to provide public docking and be walkable for all non-faction visitors.
      3. The objects parts like office, messhall, workshop have to be identifyable with furniture that makes them distinct from each other. Example: I look at two rooms, knowing that one of them is the captain's and one of the first mate's quarters; but I don't know which one is which. By seeing a big desc with a meeting table in front of it I can easily make up my mind. Labelling rooms or give out floor direction signs is optional but very welcome.
      4. The general size of the buildings are oriented at following stats: The smallest ships are up to 25m into all directions. These fit in one pilot. The biggest ships are up to 300m of length, beeing carriers and battleships. Corvette (80m)->Frigatte (150m)->Cruiser(up to 300m)->battleship(around 300m).
      5. The turret's dimensions are not bigger than 1/8 of the ships longest axis.
      6. Each object provides parking and docking space suitable for its purpose. Stations generally should provide hangars that can be sealed from outer space, to provide easy access, loading and maintenance. A one man station only needs a hangar for 25m long ships, a station with a city inside it, should provide at least two corvette fitting hangars.
      7. We use USD and also a new platform type dock I plan on engineering: retractable middle mount docks: A pillar with a rail on top retracts after docking and as soon as the ship touches ground it stops retracting.
      8. The universe uses artificial gravity. Only very poor stations whose inhabitants are not able to use FTL (your faction then would agree to never use jump drives), or whose members are non-humans that dont need gravity (magic aliens).
      9. Only usable logic is visible to the explorer, except for dedicated server rooms or sealed off server rigs (surrounded by glass for example).
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    2. Captain Tankman

      Captain Tankman Cake Build Server Staff

      Oct 25, 2013
      no one cares
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    3. JinM

      Jun 11, 2016
      Maybe the term "faction coalition" is choosen badly, because faction and coalition related gameplay is generally associated with pvp and politics. Maybe I should name it challenge or guideline. I have to think about this.
    4. OfficialCoding

      OfficialCoding Professional Quickfire Hater

      Nov 8, 2017
      This could be cool. I don't think I'm a good enough builder to participate but I would love to see this :)
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    5. JinM

      Jun 11, 2016
      I have written this draft really badly.

      The base idea is, that each member faction can even be only a one man faction, and that each member faction can choose any build style they want.

      Its not about building very good, its about building with accessible ports, and within a theme that the faction defines for itself. For example faction A is making a "space human" theme. Faction B is making a "insect inside hive" theme.

      The important thing is, that if people read the tag "tbsc" know, that they will visit a base or even more bases around a certain theme, including ships that are on the base, and that its accessible with ports. And thats its walkable to almost all parts.
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    6. Edymnion

      Edymnion Carebear Extraordinaire!

      Mar 18, 2015
      I like it. Set of standard guidelines to make living systems as opposed to "zomg ultimate deeps!".
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    7. JinM

      Jun 11, 2016
      Thanks man.

      I wrote another draft. Maybe this is explaining it better than the OP.

      Immersion and Coherent Universe Build Challenge


      Goal for builders: To give a general guideline for builders, so they are able to deliver an immersive gameplay to roleplay explorers in vanilla online servers. Dependend on the Starmade's current mechanics.

      Goal for players: To easily identify IUBC based factions, and be able to "jump right into" exploring and having fun finding different themed stations, areas, races, civilisations and factions.

      Definition: Roleplay Explorer - A player that is willing to limit himself in the usage of game mechanics, to get a different experience in return.

      General Idea: Each homebase protected station can be found via the ingame's faction list. If a faction bears the tag "IUBC" in their name, the homebase station uses a standardised docking area, and follows a small set of coherent and easy build rules that improve immersion.

      All build rules as explained below have to be followed. -You should not tag your faction with IUBC if you only achieved some of them.

      How to play:


      1. The builder chooses a theme for his faction, be it a civilization, a race, a faction or a group of magical aliens.

      2. The builder creates one faction with the themes name on one or more servers, and adds the tag IUBC in it. Then he builds a station and maybe places fitting ships for that theme onto the station. The station is ought to be homebase protected.

      3. The builder writes a short description into the faction description, and puts the name of the faction's homebase station into the description. Also the biggest hangar size gets mentioned. Additionally the builder can mention that he has mini games or a story to explore on his station. Or even a questline? Tags explained further below.

      4. If the builder wants to add more stations, he just makes a alt-faction with the same name as his main faction, and puts in „p2“ or „p3“ into the name. Or #1, #2 and so on. All the alt factions also have the tag IUBC in them.

      5. The builder follows the build rules as written below.

      1. The player joins a server and jumps into a ship that follows the build rules of the challenge: He knows that he either flies a shuttle, corvette or one of the bigger types. And he knows how to use the docking mechanics, as he read up the challenge's rules.

      2. He opens the faction list (accessible via the ingame faction menu). There he types in „IUBC“.

      3. The player reads the description of the faction, and visits the coordinates of the station that he wants.

      4. Arriving at the station, the player docks at a visible publicly accessible hangar bay, and starts exploring the station.

      Build Rules

      (see OP)
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